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man up, and admit when you are wrong !

When making a reservation - anywhere - it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get your details correct.

You know what you want - when you want - what the cost is - where it is - how payment is accepted - and when you pay you make sure ALL THE DETAILS ARE CORRECT otherwise you may be thought of as a 'time waster' - and believe me, we get plenty of those.

So when - accidentally - you give incorrect information and not only get the credit card number wrong but your own POST CODE - which I really do believe we should all know our own post code - then after repeated attempts to pay the bill and after repeated declines by the bank - a request is made to check the details and any errors rectified.

And that is what happens occasionally, no ones fault, just a simple mistake - we all make them, but when put to expense and where it has financially cost the business for the mistake, the cost is then charged to the customer whose information was given incorrectly in the first place.

I call this ' taking responsibility.'

So after offering a £100 discount on a booking - and after 5 or 6 attempts to get clearance and all were declined, and when after a phone call the correct information was offered - a charge was added to cover the costs - as is made clear on the web site - and the customer really kicked off about the charge - and remember - this is to cover our costs because the customer made a ( simple ) MISTAKE - not at all an ON PURPOSE - it was a simple mistake - and as a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE, which struggles to stay open because of Covid Lockdowns and where scores of LGBT venues as well as thousands of other venues have used Covid as an excuse to close down forever - it irritates when the customer calls me a cunt because of his mistake and considering I was thinking of offering him something to please us both;- after being called a cunt, I decided to let it go, and he cancelled, lost ALL his money and then complained to the credit card company I was doing fraud.

So now he is accusing me of an illegal act of fraud and that he claimed he had absolutely no idea who or why I had made any charge at all, which clearly was dumb of him as I have all the e mails to prove he took part in the transaction and I didn't just pick his numbers out of thin air to steal from, it was given in order to make a transaction.

Hence I always like everything facilitated through e mail. We then have a paper trail.

It took 6 weeks but the bank agreed with me and the money - which had been taken from my account by the banks, was returned this week and Hamilton Hall was correct and proper in the manner in which we facilitated this transaction... errors and all.

Se we are paid and the customer who cancelled his reservation has lost the full amount of £330. BUT: This does not rest well with me - and while he was obnoxious and wrong in how he dealt with me, I bare him no ill will and e mailed today to inform him that I had been rewarded the monies returned and that as a gesture of good will, I would prefer if we could put this behind us,- he attend the event he cancelled - and ultimately paid for - and we shall enjoy a great weekend event as planned - and now I am waiting to see if he accepts - or not and whatever he choses to do will tell me a great deal about the man one way or the other.

I may have won the appeal BUT do not feel like a winner as no one wins under these circumstances and people need to realise that while we may be a small venue, we are a business with Terms and Conditions ( as too many try and mess up in business and we have to protect ourselves as otherwise we would have gone bust decades ago ) and all sorts of legal stuff that binds us to how we run the business and those who assume we will / we can - change those rules to suit ourselves, is very mistaken.

I joke with some of these pictures here as I do not make light of anything where my business is concerned but know this, there will always be gay men out there destined to damn and destroy - for whatever reason - and as a gay venue, we do protect ourselves from those who will oppose. We do our best. We offer events no one else offers. We are here for you - gay, bi, trans and straight - MEN - and as one of the only legal men only hotels in the country, if you mess with us, you loose out and I would much rather just take the reservation - have the guest attend and for everyone to have a glorious time. Period. It's what we are here for - and not to take peoples shit.

But some of that is up to the customer and if not in a happy place, and where they refuse our helpful input, then we can do no more.

I have spent thousands and thousands of hours listening to customers problems and helping where I can and all because - so many men - are lonely and have no one to talk to and no one to offer guidance and help and that is a LARGE part of what is on offer here besides just the lovely venue and fab events, but someone here who is a damned good empathic therapist and can feel and sense and appreciate where you are coming from and is here if you ever need a shoulder, and all this, is for FREE - it is MY TIME - but I am willing and very capable of being here for you all, and if ever in need, know we are here. Too many suffer on the LGBT scene as the LGBT scene is NOT very supportive, and MANY are lost in a sea of men only wanting sex and nothing too complicated - yet - at Hamilton Hall, we are here for you MIND, BODY AND SOUL.

I sincerely hope he changes his mind and accepts my offer and we can put this behind us and move on.

Besides, life is too short to take it too seriously and I do laugh when people call me a cunt as yes, I agree, I believe we are all cunts, all assholes, all vile faggots at some time in our lives and we all make mistakes, little ones and even massive ones, and how we learn and behave from these mistakes makes us who we are, and I would much rather be friends than enemies but even that is reliant on two people and not one, but if a good ending is not to be, then I close that paragraph of my life and move on while learning from the experience.





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