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John. I am smooth and cut and just adore the hirsute uncut men you poffer each week. I know there are these super hung guys out there but I have never met anyone as big as some of the guys in the pictures and do wonder how they cope being so well hung. Worth a couple of wanks most Sundays. Josh

Thanks for the naked pictures every week. Stuck in mid Wales means there is no real gay life here and other than jacking off to the internet, there are so few gay men in my area and your Blog really helps keep me sane. Rob

My lover of 23 years and who died a decade ago was very hairy and I just loved it. Not met a man since that was as hairy and some of your pictures John - have certainly come close and believe me, I have cum close as well. So thanks Basil.

John: I have always been hairy and hated it. I once shaved my chest and stomach nice and smooth and I loved it but my sex life took a dive down the pan. I am well defined physically but it turns out the hair on my chest added to it and without, I look less defined and the stares and the compliments stopped dead. Absolutely dead. I regrew my body hair and have loved it ever since as it is a huge draw to many and a huge turn on, so now I appreciate the hair even though it clogs up the shower tray. Neil

I adore cock sucking. Can't get enough cock in my mouth and down my throat. It is an obsession of mine. Discovered cock sucking in my 20's and never looked back. Uncut is best but it has to be a nice one and not one of those slimy dribbly smelly ones. Slurp Slurp. Colin.


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