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£450 fully inclusive Book and fully pay 28 days prior and save £200

Excellent for the older - no experience - men who wish to touch and be touched by other men with a firmer hand than found from women. Naked throughout. 2 nights with all meals and refreshments Head, Neck & Shoulders Stress Relief Massage Full Body Massage Prostate Instruction - VERY important for us older men Shamanic Healing Circle Meditation Integrated Breath Work Accommodation including all meals & refreshments WITH NO HIDDEN FINANCIAL EXTRAS LIKE MANY WORKSHOP HOSTS WHO CHARGE EXTRA FOR EVERYTHING AND THIS MAKES IT DAMNED EXPENSIVE.


Tuition Workshop weekend where we all get to practice on others attending Naturally Naked Throughout Hamilton Hall is the only venue offering Massage Workshops - exclusively for men in a residential setting at one set price and no hidden extras like accommodation and meals - as we are FULLY INCLUSIVE. This is an easy workshop with full tuition and lots of 'hands on each other' throughout the weekend. Absolutely no experience needed just the wanting to touch and be touched and to learn some better techniques to assist with your sex life and to help friends with their aches and pains. One of our most popular weekends.

This workshop was always the main stay of Hamilton Hall and with our Tantra For Gay Men weekend workshop, between them have proven to be our most popular weekends. We have not hosted either in a couple of years as the market was saturated in others trying ( attempting ) to emulate us and sadly many failed and we are here again offering this fun filled weekend as a way of getting some hands on naked bodies and to find pleasure in touch.





John. So good to see you are hosting another Massage Weekend,. I came to 4 of these some years ago, and while the same tuition - it was wonderful each time as the group dynamic was such fun and so different each time and being in an intimate setting, naked, in a venue full of other naked men, was a dream come true for me and to touch and be touched by them, an extra gold star. At 53 I thought I would be too old but fart from it,m everyone was accepting and eager - and it did relieve my worries. each time I absolutely love the weekend and so glad to book and return this coming October. Count me in. David W.

After being in lockdown alone for most of the last year. With no sex life or anything in that period.

Where my body was starved from the lack of touch and where all year we have been encouraged to keep a distance - this weekend will be well worth the wait. Book me in now John... Frank.

I remember how tasteful and well organised the Massage Weekend I attended a few years ago was at Hamilton Hall. Thoroughly professional and thoughtful of our needs in all areas of the weekend. And the charge was so within budget. Thanks John. A weekend I shall never forget. Mark

At last John. A decently priced Massage Weekend where I feel I am not being conned. Others charge so much it makes it a really expensive few days but your weekend is in financial reach and not just another con of gay people by gay people always just after as much as they can take from you. Really appreciate you and your venue John more than you could possibly understand. Andrew.

Massage Workshop. How do you do it for the price John. I attended yours twice and loved both. Attended another non residential workshop in massage in London and Dear God John it was costly. £510 for 2 days and where we had to find out own accommodation ( IN LONDON - ARE YOU KIDDING ME...) and all our own food as NOTHING was supplied and in the middle of a massage day, to have to get dressed and start plodding the streets at lunch time to find something to eat was a disaster - an absolute disaster - and the hosts didn't give a damn. Same in the evening, we were expected to find something locally to eat and be back ready within an hour and needless to say - the evening part was very late starting as almost the whole group was not back and on average were 90 minutes later than the hour permitted as we simpy had a hard time getting food and being served AND back and all within the dumb 60 minutes allowed. Unprofessional hosts. Not a clue about time planning, meal brakes, ciggie and sugar level breaks - not a fucking clue John and most the class were dissapointed at the lack of forethoiught and it really same over as jst a money sponner with little interest or input outsode opf teaching massage and goping home as quickly as they could. Your workshop weekend was absolutelky like a breath of fresh air and is hoow others should behave. Tony SV.

Came once before for massage weekend and glad to see it continues. Had a really life affirming time before and got so much more than massage. Best weekend ever John. Absolutely the best weekend ever. Ralph.

Glad to see you are offering the Massage Workshop again. Missed it the last couple of years. Glad to see you back John and well done on Hamilton Hall surviving the last 18 months of Covid. Good to see yoiu re opening and busy. Richard H.




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