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MasterCard and the Sex Industry

NEARLY £9 BILLION - is the amount that UK prostitutes contribute to the UK economy and YES - prostitution and the illegal drug trade are both included in the GDP of the UK
Mastercard put into effect a new policy regulating adult content sellers that makes it extremely hard for sex workers to earn a living online.
The policy itself imposes strict and invasive requirements on adult content websites using Mastercard's financial services – stigmatizing sex work in ways that disproportionately harm the safety and wellbeing of Black trans women, chilling free speech, and invading people's privacy.

Sex work is work. Period. Together, we can put enough pressure on Mastercard to reverse its unjust and discriminatory policy. I just signed ACLU's petition to do just that –
will you join me?
Take action:
As the UK's longest established and most successful gay sex worker - until I retired 21 years ago now, I earned most of my income through being the only gay sex worker in the UK - at the time - who took credit cards.

As a self employed masseur and not just someone taking the cash and spending it but paying a mortgage etc... and where I chose to be legal and have a book keeper and accountant and was totally legit - and where not a single other escort at the time did likewise - credit cards protected me from many MANY time wasters, abusers, no shows, and where clients LOVE TO PLAY HEAD TRIPS WITH YOU and not turn up and make fake appointments and this was HUGELY POPULAR amongst a few assholes who thought it funny to 'fuck with the whore ' and waste his time and with luck, destroy his days income.

If nothing else, these time wasters were sad pathetic people jealous and resentful of us stunning, hung like a horse, getting TONS of good sex and the rest of the imagined false fantasy that these assholes hold true, and shows a certain level of jealousy and envy - and if nothing else, ha ha ... I have what you envy and you do not. SO LIVE WITH IT YOU CUNT.

One day right back at the beginning in 1986 and just before I went legit and took cards - I had 6 appointments all in one day not show up - all no shows - all wasting my day until I put my brain in gear and realised it was the same person each time, different name different location coming from but the same person who had deliberately set about messing with my finances - and my head - for the day.

It backfired brilliantly as in the evening I took an ' out call' to the Dorchester Hotel with dinner and a show and a whole evening with a client from America who wanted some company and because I had had a quiet day - cough cough - I was on top form in the evening and had not ' spent ' - and as this was a £500 evening and remember this was back in 1986 - I more than made up for the lost takings the asshole had cost me by tying me up with fake bookings.

At the end of the year I grossed £52,000 and as the average take home wage back then was around £16,000 - who do you think had the last laugh, me or the asshole full of jealousy that wasted his day as well as mine making erroneous phone calls and all because of envy.

This was long before mobiles and caller ID.

HSBC Bank were prosecuted several times for dealing with illegal drug money - and the fine was a pittance of what they actually made ... so one could call it tax.

An old friend years ago was making a fortune as a drug dealer and the tax man knew EXACTLY how he earned his living and took their share - but if he was caught he would get decades in prison while the tax man, guilty of living off illegal income, NOTHING ... yet if this was a wife or partner living off drug money or a partner of a sex worker known as a pimp, jail would be the answer, and a long sentence ;- so our system is hypocritical.

As long as tax is paid the tax man does not care how illegal it is .

And now we have credit card companies - after decades of accepting all the illegal money they can, to start this one up and withhold income from those working hard in the sex industry ?


What an asshole of a company.