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men and shaving - x rated

All the men below shave and/or trim their pubic hair and shave their balls.

It is so common these days it is actually unusual to see anyone with a full bush ' down there ' -

Mind you, the older crowd, the older gay men late coming out - are usually fully bushed down there and it is not a good look, to be honest. If you shave and trim - Your dick looks bigger - Your balls cleaner. It looks as if you take the time to tidy yourself up and not just leave it to become a mess.

If you want to be shaved and trimmed but do not know how ( bic razor dear ) and want someone else to do it for you, a 'back, sack and crack ' - just let me know here at Hammy Hall as John has done this for decades and for £25 you can be all cleaned and smoothed up.

As one gets older, a gray mass of hair down there is not a good .look. Recently I was ill for a couple of months and had not kept things as trimmed and as tidy as usual, and when on the first day I got out of bed and checked out' the family jewels'; - OH MY GOD IT LOOKED OLD - like a dick that belonged to a much older man, and why ??? because the hair had grown back and it was all white and wiry and AAAAHHHHH.

I reached for the lawn mower and scythe and trimmed that mass back and shaved as usual and after just 10 minutes my dick looked like a teenager again.

PHEW - and there I was thinking I was an old man - Oh I am old man... but at least my cock and balls look young and fabulous again.

Even really hairy men trim their pubes and shave their balls. Nothing worse than a mouthful of hair.

Trimming your pubes also makes your dick look bigger as it is presented cleanly and not smothered at the base by a forest of undergrowth.

No matter the size, trimming up looks so much better.

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