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Brain damage to babies in birth has cost NHS in England £4.1bn in lawsuits.


Exclusive: £3.6bn has been paid out in 1,307 cases, according to information obtained under freedom of information laws and the rest went on legal fees.

The NHS has spent £4.1bn over the last 11 years settling lawsuits involving babies who suffered brain damage when being born, amid claims that maternity units are not learning from mistakes.

It paid out just under £3.6bn in damages in 1,307 cases in which parents were left to care for a baby with cerebral palsy or other forms of brain injury, NHS figures reveal.

NHS Resolution, which defends hospitals in England accused of medical negligence, spent another £490m on legal fees, taking the total cost of dealing with the legal actions to £4.1bn.

“These figures are shocking and also a tragedy. They should set alarm bells ringing across the NHS,” said Robert Rose of Lime Solicitors, which obtained the data under freedom of information laws.

“These mistakes in maternity care just keep happening. We’re stuck in a cycle of repetition of these sorts of mistakes – a continuing circle of negligence. It is a scandal that lessons are not being learned [by hospitals],” he added.

A single case in which a baby is brain-damaged, often because they were deprived of oxygen during labour, can cost the NHS up to £20m to settle because of the high costs of caring for a child with particularly significance and over their lifetime.



10 cops arrested & charged in the strangling murder of a trans woman

The police allegedly beat and tortured her before killing her.

Ten Argentinian police officers have been arrested and charged with the murder of a trans woman who was found strangled to death in a jail cell.

The police officers were arrested on May 1 and were charged with a hate crime in connection to her death last year. This was part of an ongoing investigation and legal battle since September.

Every person “has a right to decent and productive work,” so the Argentine president set aside 1% of jobs for transgender people.

The woman, Sofia Fernández, was a 39-year-old former language professor in Buenos Aires who was just about to enter the field of nursing, something her family said that she was very excited about. She had previously faced discrimination in academia, which led her to pursue the new career. She was just starting the process of getting her gender legally recognized at the time she was murdered.


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Influential MAGA hate pastor uses social media to target LGBTQ+ kids & teachers “He believes he’s doing the Lord’s work... He’s destroying people in our town.”

Family members and associates of former President Donald Trump are increasingly associating with Tim Thompson, a Southern California pastor who bullies LGBTQ+ teachers, calls public education “Satan’s playground,” and is using his Inland Empire Family political action committee (PAC) to unite Christian conservatives against public education.

Thompson, who leads the 412 Church Temecula Valley, uses his influence to promote Christian conservative school board candidates, The Daily Beast reported. He also protests local schools that employ LGBTQ+ educators. In one case, he complained that a man “dressed as a woman” was teaching 5-year-olds.

The Supreme Court could help implement his plan to take billions from public school and give them to religious private and home schools.

Thompson has called the LGBTQ+ rights movement “a religion” that is trying to indoctrinate students. He said if parents love their kids, they should remove them from public schools and homeschool them instead. The Colorado Republican Party just literally said the same thing to its members.



A man threw mangos at a neighbor he thought was gay. Now he’s in deep trouble. Prosecutors say there's "evidence of prejudice" in the fruity assault.

A man in North Lauderdale, Florida is being held on a $15,000 bail for hurling two mangos and a rock at his next-door neighbor who he thought was gay.

According to a report released Wednesday by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, 61-year-old Charles Oliver Lovekin was the alleged fruit-wielding assailant in the attack.

The incident occurred when Lovekin, who owns a mango tree, was approached by his next-door neighbor after a fruit from the tropical evergreen dropped onto his patio and made a loud noise.

Lovekin later told police, “I felt uncomfortable by the way he was looking at me.”

“I thought he was gay,” he explained.

Sheriffs say the incident escalated as Lovekin became enraged and started hurling insults at the neighbor, screaming he was a “gay” and a “motherf**ker.”

That’s when Lovekin threw the first mango at the man.

That mango missed. A second hit the neighbor in the chest.

The victim, who is married to a woman and has children, told authorities he’s on blood thinners.

Lovekin also threw a rock at the man, which the neighbor dodged. That’s when the neighbor called 911.

When sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene, Lovekin was unrepentant.

“I threw the mangoes at him because I thought he was gay,” he told the officers. “I felt uncomfortable by the way he was looking at me, so I threw the mangoes and rock at him.”

As of Wednesday, Lovekin remained behind bars. He faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery causing bodily harm, committing a third-degree felony with evidence of prejudice, and committing a first-degree misdemeanor with evidence of prejudice.

He’s being held on a $15,000 bond.



'I'll wring your neck!' Pensioner reprimanded by police after chasing down and shouting at vandals who broke her gate.

A grandmother has been told off by police after she chased down a group of vandals who broke her gate and told them she would “wring their necks”.

Gillian Mears, 70, said that she “saw red” after a bunch of teenagers damaged the back gate of her house in Kessingland, Suffolk.

The pensioner chased the youths down the street with help from her neighbours after the incident on April 20.

She explained: “I just saw red and lost the plot in a fit of rage and took to chasing the gang of youths down the street.


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