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morons, the lot of them.

Anyone attending a mass gathering wHile under lockdown is a fucking moron.

I do not care what you think.

I do not care what you say and I don't care what excuse you give and I REALLY don't give a damn what your mental health is like under Covid - as I consider ANYONE attending a mass gathering, as we see reported in the media, a complete and utter fucking moron.

People are ill. People are dying.

And all you think about is having fun.

Then when you become ill, maybe the NHS will turn you away as you deliberately put yourself in harms way and they are not here to help selfish assholes like you, but the innocent who are staying safe but somehow become infected.

A friend contacted Covid after visiting his elderly ( 72 ) year old sister in Bournemouth Hospital and as much as he was masked and gloved, within 48 hours was ill. After 2 weeks in lockdown and where he says he was really concerned for a couple of days when he really felt ill, he pulled through.

Many do not.

A local friend who teached piano to children told he how one young pupil lost her Mother AND Father to Covid and is now living with an Aunt. She is 13 years of age and when people act in a manner likely to spread Covod - or catch it themselves, it makes me want to smack them and shake them and wake them up as they are highly irresponsible.

Read in the news today that a 200 person gathering in central London was broken up by police, and how some polic were injured, but what annoys - is - NO ARRESTS WERE MADE AND NO ONE FINED.

So what is the fucking point in making rules and gudelines and then ignore them - and what did it cost to send 50 police in.

The first lockdown in March of last year was - actually - fun - and many were putting fun things on yourtube and so forth but now, Covid Fatigue has set in for many and the realisation that this is ongoing and with no end in site regardless of a vaccine - and mental fatigue has taken over and some simply ' don't give a damn.'

Even with a vaccine, life will never be the same again. Society globally has changed.

Like those who fought their way into the US Capital building thinking they were right - after the fact they are being hunted and arrested and people turning against them for their actions.

The same will be said for those morons who party their heads off with hundreds of others during this panedmic and if and when it is all over, people will look down on them, will not admire or approve and it will serve them right.

They may think it fun and amusing, while tens of thousands - in fact MILLIONS - BILLIONS - do not.

Stay safe people. John Bellamy -------------------------------------

Your comments are welcome.


John I hear your anguish about those who go out during a lockdown and paryy with scores of otjhers with no social distancing and no masks. Out shopping today and the hordes of people in the streets and very few with masks on. Walking to a local beauty spot ( 3 minutes from here here in Hastings ) to walk the dog, and crowds like I have never seen before and again, no masks. Madness. Absolute madness.



Dear HH: After 2 weeks in lockdown after a positive test result and where I had a couple of worrying days with a high temp. I am fine now and absolutely no problems with my health at all and when I see the people denying what is going on and saying it is Fake News and how they do not need / want to wear a mask, I want to hit them very very hard with a cricket Bat. I want to shake them, I want to smack them, I want to wakle them up as to the horrors of what is going on and how their actions do not help.

Love the Blog John.



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