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mother abandons gay son

This morning, my sixteen year old grandson showed up at my doorstep with a bag looking like he'd just had the stuffing knocked out of him. He lives two states away and travelled by bus to get here. Why ? Because my daughter decided the best way to handle him coming out of the closet was to kick him out of her house.

I phoned my daughter and she said she doesn't want him back. She said some very nasty things. I honestly thought I raised her better than to act in such a manner. Now even my grandson doesn't want to go back home. I'm so angry with her that I don't want to type out things that I will one day regret, but Jesus, I thought I raised her better than that.

My grandson is currently sleeping in his new bedroom, and I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to proceed from here. The poor child has just had his entire world turned upside down, but what do I say and do to make this right for him?

He doesn't want to go back, daughter doesn't want him back, I'm absolutely fine with having him stay with me, but there's a lot that needs doing. Finally my grandson is in therapy and has been enrolled at school. He has been placed in my custody while CPS proceeds. My lawyer is handling all necessary paperwork and believes we have absolutely nothing to worry about. My daughter is facing criminal charges for her actions. Child abandonment is a very serious crime. Her actions reflect very poorly on her as a whole.

Upon realising that her income was being cut off and that she had committed a fair number of crimes, she instantly began to plead that she hadn't meant to and it had been a heat of the moment decision that she regretted. Considering she has already thrown out all of my grandson's clothing and worldly possessions, this defense did not hold up to my grandson is as well as can be expected. He's made friends in the form of my neighbour's kids. They're around his age. We've redecorated his room and he had a good time being allowed to pick out his own furniture and paint. He's gotten a PS4 which has become his escape.

He personally has made the choice to not join a group and I won't force him to do so. We're talking about getting a puppy as he loves dogs but his mother never allowed him one.

------------------------------ TOP MARKS TO GRANDMA

Dear John:

When my Mother discovered I was gay she threw one massive hissy fit, threw herself on the floor kicking and screaming ' What have I done to deserve this - What have I done ?'

and I just stood there and stared at this - circus act.

My Mother is Spanish. Lived in the UK for more than 30 years at the time. She's always had that hot temper and has always thrown tantrums and we as kids learned to just ignore it.

She then demanded I leave the family home as she didn't want The Devil's Seed in her home - Yes she actually called me The Devils Seed.

She screamed she did not want a homosexual in her family as what would the rest of the family think of her - ALL ABOUT HER YOU NOTICE - and not a word about me and my happiness, choices, loves or anything it was all about her.

When she told me she didn't want a homosexual in the family I thought it about time to OUT THE FAMILY.

Now Mother is a nice catholic girl.

She had 7 of us kids.

Four boys and three girls.

I had an announcement to make that I thought was LONG TIME OVER DUE - you see, I knew some secrets about the family that Mother didn't know and as amazing as this sounds, it is 100% true.

I sat her down - calmed her down - looked directly into her eyes when I stated.

'Mother dear, If you do not like having me as a homosexual in your world as you are ashamed as to what the family will think ( literally hundreds of relatives ) and if you want to now throw me out of the house and home, you might need to be made aware of a few things.

I may be gay but -

So is David - my older brother by 3 years

So is Geoff - my older brother by 18 months

So is Manny - my brother of 1 year younger than myself

Lesbians - now let me see - two sisters are gay - and Sandra is bisexual but loves a girl at her school and Diane has been living with a girl all through university. Jenny is single but - is so butch anyone would be foolish to assume she was straight. '

All Mothers children were gay, lesbian or bisexual and Mothers mouth just dropped.

Naturally, she became a very understanding gay friendly Mother after that. Something in her genes - something in the way she raised all 7 of us - and I was so lucky to have been born gay as - who'd want to be straight looking at how my own Mother turned out.

Glad to say - other than David, all my siblings were really pleased I had outed them to Mother as they were dreading telling her and the expression ' THERE IS SAFETY IN NUMBERS' is true.



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