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Mother Terisa was a sham

Why did Christopher Hitchens ​call Mother Teresa a fraud and a fanatic?
Because she was dodgy as hell.

Her hospice’s basic hygiene practices were non-existent; patients were treated with insufficient and outdated medicines, they used old needles and not only that, but these used needles were also only washed in lukewarm water. Staff with no medical training administering treatment. No formal diagnosing.

She didn’t believe in pain relief either, apparently. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

She was also encouraging the members of her order to perform underhanded conversions, even if the patient already belonged to another religion, by telling them to ask dying patients if they “wanted a ticket to heaven”, and then pretending to cool the patient’s head whilst muttering conversions if they nodded.

Then there’s the fact that despite running such a draconian hospice, Mother Teresa was loaded. The charity’s account at the Vatican bank, which was in her name, ran into the billions. It was huge enough that had she withdrawn it all, the bank would’ve defaulted.

Yet she apparently wasn’t willing to use even a fraction to raise the standards of her hospice and make it a clean, comfortable and (more) professional place for the terminally ill? Add in that she associated with some very dodgy people like Licio Gelli and the fact that in her own writings, she admitted that she hadn’t felt connected to God in decades, and… a fraud is born.

As has been said; she was a friend of poverty, not the poor.


JB Comments: I have heard for decades that she was not what many thought she was and how she felt at the end of her life ' WHY HAS GOD FORSAKEN ME'- and that she had not felt the power and love from God in a very long time, and here we see that this was a fact.

She was an incredibly manipulative women who terrified business into donating but then kept the money in Vatican Banks and nothing was ever donated to the poor and very little effort was actually put in to help save the sick and poor that her charity and the church was suppose to be helping.

It was all bullshit - like during the second world war in the UK metal was taken from gardens, buildings and all sorts to melt down and turn into planes, except it was not melted down at all but dumped in the sea and was all a morale booster used to get people motivated but no one knew their efforts were all bullshit and absolutely worthless to the war machine.

TV Licence vans that could see what room you were in and what channel you were watching - another bullshit non existent crap we were force fed to keep us in line.

Do not believe everything you read. -------------------------------------------------------




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