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If nothing on this page brings a tear to your eye, then you are a cold blooded reptilian.

John Bellamy


70-year-old Francis Romero was in a coma in hospital. His dog was allowed to stay with him, and did not leave him day or night. After a month Francis woke up from the coma with the words-
"Where is the white angel who constantly whispered that everything would be all right?"


Tonight I witnessed an act of kindness which brought me to tears. We went out to eat at Cracker Barrel. As we were almost finished, we noticed an elderly woman sitting all alone, drinking a milk and waiting for her meal.

A million thoughts went through my mind. She looked so very lonely.. Is

she widowed? Where is her family? Why is she at a restaurant at almost 8pm (which is stereotypically like midnight in old people time).

Also seated next to us were 3 big, burly, middle aged, blue collar, hard working, hungry men.

I asked Tom if we should buy her dinner or if we should go sit with her... then one of our boys did/said something which momentarily distracted us but when we looked back up, these big burly guys were moving the frail elderly woman to their table.

We continued to watch them interact. The woman was smiling from ear to ear, her face all lit up and she was just a-talking like she hadn’t talked to another human in a very long time. I seriously was choked up, as was Tom.

As we left, we left them some money for their meal and Tom thanked them for restoring our faith in humanity... I snapped a picture but really, I will forever remember this moment.


In 1965 Yale undergrad Fred Smith wrote a term paper outlining the concept of overnight commercial air delivery. His professor responded: "The concept is interesting and well-formed, but in order to earn better than a 'C', the idea must be feasible." Smith launched Federal Express in 1971.


Dear John Bellamy:- I am writing to say how much I look forward to your weekly blog. The one at the end of December ( 'I Can't Be Bothered Any More, ) made me realise I am not alone and after 2years of restrictions. Its going to be difficult to get back to normal as I now find it difficult to leave the house. On entitled people ;- do they realise how quickly things can change ?Probably the majority of people live in countries where gay people are not tolerated , people have to have someone to hate either race, religion, colour, gender or rival football team and a lot of people in this country are still very prejudiced.

Regards John


Bob passed away today - January 24th 2022

“While the end of one’s life is always sad, it is the love and compassion that Bob received from Officer Pauly that gives us a smile knowing he is now in a much better place!

You may look at this picture and see a caring granddaughter comforting her beloved grandfather as he lies in a weakened state in a hospital bed.

The truth is that this woman is a police officer and she met Bob only two years ago while she was on duty. Lawrenceville Police Officer Dena Walker Pauly's life was changed forever when she was dispatched to a local pawn shop, where staff were unsure how to help him.

Bob has been on his own since he was a child and has no known family. He was homeless most of his life and a stroke eventually left him non-verbal. His life is a series of sad stories strung together by poverty and loneliness.