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NAKED CHILLOUT 11th - 13th December

HAMILTON HALL will re open on Friday December 11th 2020 -


Friday 11th - 13th 2020

£120 with BB&EM per person.

Imagine a hotel full of naked gay men - where extra deep cleaning and all sorts of precautions are taken, masks are provided for indoors and there is room to socially distance even within the building, but this themed weekend is about being naked and enjoying the freedom that comes with this.

It seems that many more than just myself are confused as to what is - andwhat is not - allowed during this recent Covid locdown and how all areas have been redesignated into different Tiers.

Bournemouth has always been in Tier 1 but has now moved into Tier 2.

It will be relaxed for Christmas with yet another re assesment of how things are progressing - or not - in mid December.

So as soon as we get use to the new guidelines - that man who waffles appallingly - changes the guidelines with so much waffle and bluster that many at home go ' WTF is Boris babbling on about now' - and no clear message is received.

Government web sites explaining the changed collapses. Too many confused members of the public trying to find out WTF is going on.

I spent 2 days surfuing and searching and found incorrect information for Tier 2 that was the old Tier 2 and not current and I made a mistake by this utter confusion.

HAMILTON HALL will re open on Thurdday December 10th 2020 - with a NAKED CHILL OUT WEEKEND Friday 11th - 13th 2020 - £120 with BB&EM per person.

Here is a chance to be naked with other guys in a hotel just before the Festive Season and then probably more lockdowns in the New Year as Christmas will be a breeding ground for the virus and in the New Year we all know there is going to be another surge - so plan beyond the Festive Season and think ahead and stay safe.

Book now and save your place.

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