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Naked Men for 15th November 2020

I hear from a few of you that you want more smooth younger guys in pictures but none of you have sent me any - so how am I suppose to cater to your needs if and when all you do is make demands without actually offering any kind of assistance.

Send your pictures in you would like to see shared and if you like smooth twinks - rough leather - older heavier set - hairy or even old pictures from history -


so we can all share what each of you likes.

I like all sorts but as you can guess, I love hairy men and that shows here, and as I cannot - and do not even intend wasting my time in trying to please all the people all the time - you accept what you get or you offer assistance in order to help.

Simple huh ?

If you want an article on a special subject, then write one and send it in.

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