Naked Men of the week

January 3rd 2021

This willy and balls has been massively enhanced with stuff that sets hard inside, and while it may look amazing, it goes lumpy inside and is not a good feel. If you are thinking of doing this - make sure you find out all about it first before you ruin yourself. Be happy with what you have and do not ruin it forever more.

Persianwolf22 - below - I am so in love with this guy...

OMG below..... slurp slurp...

There you have it - the answer to the age old question - No they do not wear anything under a kilt.

Safe Sex in the 21st century is a little different to what we experienced in the 1980's

Marry me...

I get so many requests for hairy guys, far more then I do for smooth.

It's up to you what I offer, so send in your pictures and requests.


Yes please.