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The company that hosts this web site has improved and updated their BLOG pages and this has completely ruined what they had before and completely confused the shit out of me.

Why do they assume that they constantly need to ' update and renew' something THAT IS WORKING PERFECTLY and that their users understand and use with ease.

This week I have been floundering around trying to figure this new system out at the same time as running a busy hotel, have a very busy weekend full of guests and my David is away again 0- this time for his birthday and so I am working alone - and doing 14 hours a day ( on average ) and I really do not have the time to sit here and play for hours trying to figure this thing out.

So apologies if it is not quite what you are use to and I shall try and get in touch with this system before long.

I cannot even figure out how to put links on back to the Blog Home Page ... it's just vanished.

So much for an upgrade then.



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