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New Moon in Punarvasu with Gary O'Toole

The New Moon and lunar month begins in Punarvasu lunar mansion. Punarvasu, meaning 'light again', represents a return to clarity as the Moon meets the Sun upon entering Sidereal Cancer. Themes of repeating something are highlighted.

This New Moon is ruled by Aditi, the goddess of infinity. When we can step out of our space-time reality, we can simply be - and we can experience our wishes manifest instantaneously. There's no time lag. Punarvasu's symbol is a bow and arrows, reflecting our need to be precise in directing our thoughts, seeing them return instantly through manifestations.

The Pluto opposition to this New Moon is the hidden part we must acknowledge, our fears of not having or, indeed, having, what we want. Fear is at least a good focusing mechanism. Combined with Mars' opposition to Saturn at this time, we can focus all our energy and attention on getting clear and starting again.

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