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A 975-day nightmare: how the Home Office forced a British citizen into destitution abroad CLICK HERE

This is a long read above but well worth taking the time as it is harrowing and disgraceful what the UK government has put these people through - absolutely disgraceful.

One in three queer people of colour experience racism in LGBT+ spaces, landmark study finds. CLICK HERE

Nothing new above. The gay community is very bigoted against itself as where do you think homophobia comes from ?

NHS gets green light for game-changing HIV treatment injected just six times a year. CLICK HERE

BOY - how things have progressed since the 1980's and those of us still alive and who remember, give thanks.

Homophobic and transphobic hate crimes surged after COVID lockdown lifted, figures show. CLICK HERE

Blame the media for whipping up a storm in a tea cup.

Craig Revel Horwood wants to see trans contestants strut their stuff on Strictly Come Dancing. CLICK HERE

Now that would be fun to watch.

Keanu Reeves says Hollywood ‘wasn’t ready’ for trans Matrix character CLICK HERE

He is known as one of the nicest people in Hollywood.

DaBaby fails to donate to HIV/AIDS charities after vile homophobic rant. Shocker. CLICK HERE

Donna Summers was the same, promised funds to get the media attention and then never gave a penny.

Sharp drop in new HIV cases due to people having less sex during COVID, data suggests. CLICK HERE

Mind you, there's a lot more mental health going around.



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