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Hate preacher says gays should be killed by electric chair because it’s “a little more painful”

He also said "they should do it publicly for everybody to see."

Another hate preacher affiliated with the wildly anti-LGBTQ+ New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement, or New IFB Church, has called for the public execution of gay people.

“That’s what fa**ots deserve, is the death penalty!” railed “Brother” Robert Larson in a sermon at the Bible Believers Baptist Church in Union Gap, WA last week. “And they should do it publicly for everybody to see.”


Get out of Russia, you're paying for Putin's war,

senior MPs tell Cadbury's owner Mondelez


The owner of Cadbury has been by Emily Hawkinsattacked by MPs for continuing to sell chocolate in Russia two years after the invasion of Ukraine.

Labour’s Alex Sobel, who co-chairs an all-party Ukraine group, has written to Dirk Van de Put, chief executive of US food giant Mondelez, which took over the beloved British chocolate brand Cadbury in 2010.

It comes after Van de Put this week said investors do not ‘morally care’ whether companies continue to do business in Russia, adding that no shareholders had pressured it to leave after the invasion of Ukraine.

Mondelez’s Russian business contributed 2.8 per cent of its global revenues in 2023, down from 4 per cent in 2022.

In the letter, Sobel says he is ‘deeply concerned’ by Mondelez’s actions.


Conservative Christians are outraged that the Super Bowl Jesus ads weren’t homophobic. The group blasted the campaign for failing to remind LGBTQ+ people they need to repent for their sins. ( oh please, what sins are those then ... )

A conservative Christian group is outraged that a billion-dollar ad campaign fueled by anti-LGBTQ+ forces is still not hateful enough toward the LGBTQ+ community.

The Jesus-infused “He Gets Us” campaign returned to the Super Bowl Sunday night for the second year in a row, airing two ads preaching to love one another and overcome hate – and yet the organization behind the ads donates generously to a prominent anti-LGBTQ+ hate group.


LGBTQ+ bar turns to GoFundMe to keep doors open & gets an outpouring of support. They faced issues with permits, but the community pulled through for them.

An LGBTQ+ bar in D.C. is raising funds online to keep its doors open, and it has already blasted past its goal.

As You Are (AYA), which is located in Capitol Hill, posted to the online fundraising website GoFundMe earlier this month, citing “costly hurdles” that put the venue in danger.


Greece legalizes marriage equality

It's the first majority-Orthodox nation to do so.

Greece has become the first majority-Orthodox country to legalize marriage equality as the Hellenic Parliament voted for a marriage equality bill in a 176-76 vote yesterday. The law also allows same-sex couples to adopt children.

The law will “boldly abolish a serious inequality,” said Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of the center-right New Democracy party. Many members of his party abstained or voted against the bill, but it passed with support from the leftwing parties.


What are the effects of isolation on elderly people living alone ?

What are the effects of isolation on elderly people who live alone?

Elderly people who live alone have the luxury of a peaceful, quiet house and company when they want it. I have an 80+ year old neighbor who lived by herself for years until 2 years ago when she brought home a man who she knew from church who she had just married. Before getting married, she always had visitors’ cars in her driveway. Her house, from time to time was a bee hive of activity.

What makes you think that elderly people who live alone are isolated ?

What of friends, acquaintances, community/organizational relationships, family ?

It is possible that a person of any age may not have any of these outside connections, in which case how a person might respond to having no living person to have contact/ connection with would be very individualized.

As a home health person I came across many older people who lived alone. One woman who I asked about her apparent isolation told me that to be alone was a “God damned blessing!” This response caused me to think about how she came to this state.

I talked to our social worker and she gave me some interesting insights into being alone versus isolation. She brought up the point that some people who live with a spouse and/or family are nonetheless lonely and miserable for various reasons.

So rethink your ideas and attitudes about isolation, being alone, and loneliness. Living situations are not always what they seem, and living alone may be a respite and a joy for some people.


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