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No Free Rides

As with anything in life - there will always be the ' up's and downs' - the negative and the positive, the easy and the hard - and those who do - and those who do not - understand common manners, decency and a professional approach to business as well as just being nice towards other fellow human beings who are also caught up in this global pandemic and who also have their own ' stuff' going on and where many seem so self centred on their own misfortunes in life, they completly ignore what others are going through and this selfish attitude just causes more harm, more stress and more anxiety.

Sadly it seems after this pandemic - many seem to have forgotten - or have chosen to ignore - decent manners and it seems are hell bent on ignoring any form of decency.

After this last shutdopwn where Hamilton Hall has been closed for 6 months - we have had more abuse, more tossers, more time wasters, more late late night calls and more fake bookings than in a whole year - and this just for the first week of re opening and where - it seems - I have to be on guard with everyone trying to pull a fast one - and I do wonder WTF is going on.

One after the other.

Trying to either get something for free - Or wanting to tell me how they want to do business with me and not in accordance with how Hamilton Hall works at all, ( try that one with British Airways or your local gas company ) and it astounds me that people try it on in this manner when - surely by now - you know me guys - you know I am not a fool - you know I have my ways - and you know not to cross me - ha ha - and here are these guys - one after another - messing me about - wasting my time, using fake e mall addresses, fake credit card numbers - and generally just fucking about - and I do question why ?

Hundreds of restaurants have stated that 40% of reservations have not turned up - and the restaurant after a year of lockdowns, needs bums on seats and people spending money or they close, and here these people are messing about and loosing the business money and if and when forced to close forever, the customer complains no one is offering anything when the fault - the blame - the responsibility lies 100% with the customers who messed about.

MANY gay venues close bacause they get sick of the way some gay people treat other gay people and many venues close within the first 6 years. MANY do not last longer unless run by staff who change every 6 months or so and anyone working year after year - gets it smack in the face after a while.

Gay people can be appalling to other gay people.

The abuse, the harrasment, the blatant fraud and theft - from gay people to gay people - is appalling mental health and Hamilton Hall - well we do things differently here and with advance bookings where all the monoies are taken ' up front' - if people play around - we are fully paid.

So be nice people and remember we have all been in this pandemic and lockdowns and no one is more wothy than anyone else. So behave yourselves and offer your best, not your worst, as you will be told. Period.



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