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Nordic Model, a law against sex.

This question was sent to me - and my answer is below.

Dear John: Long time no see. Hope you are well. I enjoy reading your blogs. I find them thoughtful and engaging.

I have become aware of a subject on which you might have an opinion.

I am acquainted with some friends who, not beating about the bush, are sex workers. They are fine good people who really enjoy the job.

There are some in society who take the view that such work is immoral, make it an issue and try to criminalise it.

You are a well informed person so you probably know about the "Nordic Model". This concept has been introduced across Northern Europe and Canada and as I understand, it criminalizes those who procure sex.

This fundamental change, I am told, will make it very dangerous now for sex workers and instead of making things safe, will actually create danger for sex workers, and make them accessories to crime.

There is a Bill now going through Westminster and you might have an opinion you could share with us all on your blog (or not as you see fit).

You might also have an opinion as to how this potential new law affects Ham Hall.

Q. If I come (pay) again to your wonderful Cock and Ball Worship w/e will I be criminal?...and will you be an accessory to crime?

I attach a link for your wise consideration.


CLICK HERE to read about the ' Nordic Model' - and see just how it would not work in the UK.


John Bellamy Comments

On the LINK above, it states - 'The Nordic model embraces both the welfare state and globalization —t wo approaches to government that can be seen at times as opposites. The core aspects of the Nordic model include the public provision of social services funded by taxes; investment in education, child care, and other services associated with human capital; and strong labor-force protections through unions and the social safety net. There is no minimum wage because unions ensure that wages remain high.'


Er - But didn't Maggie Thatcher take on the unions to lessen their power and domination over the free market and allow for more freedom for business to work without the handcuffs and restraints of union power ?

Wasn't it seen that unions were destroying business and making them unable to compete in the world market ? This Nordic Model means double the normal taxation to pay for everything and more and more control being given over to governments over our every day lives at a time when more and more people are SCREAMING how they want change from the same old - same old - corrupt systems we have endured for so long - and the people of America - for instance -= who screamed for change voted AGAINST the corrupt same old same old Hilary Clinton and so voted for change in the form - sadly - of Trump - who then betrayed and abused his position while opening up the world to white supremists, bigotry, abuse of women, abuse of office, abuse of the legal tax system ( IRS ) and abuse of everything we hold dear and decent - and while the people still want change - I cannot accept the UK will go backwards and go against the people who want change and not MORE control by central government.


The Nordic Model approach to prostitution IS NOT THE SAME LAW AS ABOVE

also known as the end demand, - equality model, - neo-abolitionism, - partial decriminalization, and Swedish model, is an approach to prostitution law.

It has been adopted in three of the five Nordic countries, but has no connection to the Nordic model, which is a socioeconomic model.

Under the Nordic model, sex buyers are criminalized while prostitutes are decriminalized; typically, prostitutes can sell their own services but auxiliary procuration services, such as pimping, brothel-keeping, and third-party advertising remain illegal.
The main objective of the model is to decrease the demand for prostitution by punishing the purchase of sexual services in order to decrease the volume of the illegal sex industry overall.

It also states that Prostitute buying becomes a criminal offence with the aim of changing mens behaviour - and I bet you a zillion quid it was women who wants to change mens behaviour as - all we men want - all we ask for - all we need - is sex - not to rape the country of its assets like so many - not to mass murder, not to do anyone any harm - or hurt another be it emotionally or physically, and it is okay for a wife to withhold sex from her husband and then the man out of sexual frustration does something silly - and she screams he should have some self control - over a basic instinct and where men and women have very different agendas around sex and yet men have to cow down to women all the time and go without and if they wank - are treated like teenagers and belittled -

'oh isn't wanking for teenagers and not grown men ? isn't that childish ? ;-

when how the fuck would they know and how patronising, and then women wonder why men go elsewhere where they do not get that obnoxious attitude of belittlement and they return home happy and cheerful as they have been ' de spunked' and his relationship with refrigerator wife can go on calmly - and women just do not get how they are largely responsible for this.

Totally appreciate being a Mother must be really hard and tiring, but you still have a relationship to maintain and if you withdrew every aspect of your relationship and stopped, cooking, cleaning, showing affection, not speaking, being independent and uncaring etc. and if this was the case then do not wonder why your partner goes elsewhere and do not complain when he / she does. If you buy into a relationship, then it takes two.

Men are babies, but women patronise, and this drives men into the arms of any women who will offer him some company, some sex and no belittling bitchy comments. The prostitute.

It's easier than having a mistress. Easier than finding someone for a quick shag.
Easier than begging for sex at home and easier on everyone.
It is convenient, easy and with no questions asked. No commitment. You know the price. You get what you wanted.

But what you won't get, is Nectar points.

And they want to make it even harder for men to find sex from those willing to charge - and in 35 years involved in the sex industry, I NEVER met anyone, male or females, who was being illegally transported for sex - never anyone with a pimp - never anyone who was threatened by someone pushing them into the business and never - well only once ever - knew anyone who had a problem with a client where he was beaten up and believe me, the sex worker got even ... and good for him. ( Long story... )

Out of tens of thousands of experiences, only twice was I not paid and personally, I NEVER - EVER had a client I thought I was in danger of as - most sex workers are not fools - most sex workers are there and half way back again, and naturally, there are those who are less tuned in and who do suffer in the business, and the business can fuck you in more ways than you think, and it does do damage, but so does the soul destroying job sat behind the till in Tesco for minimum wage and at least after an hour with your client having sex, you are HUNDREDS OF £ BETTER OFF ( and probably tax free ) - so who is the one abusing and who is the abuser ?

The Nordic Model was first instituted in Sweden in 1999 as part of the Kvinnofrid law (Violence Against Women Act). The model came into effect in Norway in 2009 as part of Sexkjøpsloven (Sex Buyer Law).

In 2014, the European Parliament passed a non-binding resolution in favour of the Nordic model, urging member states to criminalize the purchase of prostitution and offering support for trafficking victims to exit the sex trade.
As of 2019, only 3 of the 27 member states have adopted the model in full or in part.
So only 3 EU countries have used a law that prosecutes those who are horny and want to employ a prostitute. ABSOLUTE MADNESS and considering how few countries have used this law, is not surprising not many want anything to do with it.

Now: Whatever you THINK you know about those working in the sex industry or what it is like or anything else - IS WRONG. You HAVE NO RIGHT AT ALL to talk about sex work until you do your homework and KNOW what you are talking about - as everyone has an opinion of which 99% are talking absolute bollocks. And that includes man who are supposedly helping sex workers. NOT A FUCKING CLUE. A 2013 report by the Swedish government stated that street prostitution had halved in the previous 10 years but that escort advertisements had increased from 304 to 6,965; however, the report also stated that an increase in advertisements did not necessarily mean that the number of escorts had increased.

A 2014 study examining the efficacy of the law concluded that it had

"failed in its abolitionist ambition to decrease levels of prostitution, since there [was] no reliable data demonstrating any overall decline in people selling sex."

In December 2017, the Global Network of Sex Work Projects disputed the positive impact of the Nordic model in Sweden saying the law is "harmful to prostitutes", and that it had resulted in increased police surveillance, discrimination, and social stigmatization, and decreased access to health and social services

I absolutely do not mind what head space you hold on the topic of prostitution and if you have problems with it, then grow and learn some facts - TRUTHFUL FACTS and not the bullshit governments and anti sex workers spew out but TRUTHFUL input - and then maybe you can have an opinion but as 99% of people simply, and laughingly if it wasn't so dangerous - GOT A CLUE ABOUT SEXUALITY, THE SEX BUSINESS OR ANYTHING ELSE CONCERNING THE BUSINESS yet SO MANY want to voice their opinion which is factually inaccurate and quite ignorant.

EXAMPLE: When I did the ' 3 IN A BED' TV programme for Channel 4, one of the other hoteliers was homophobic and sex phobic, giving me all sorts of arguments but not actually listening to my answers so he remained pig shit ignorant while trying to sound intelligent with question after question, but asking - and listening are separate things and he didn't listen so he didn't learn. He was FULL off attitude and when asked what his experience of the sex industry was, as he had so much to say which was all in gross error, this was his answer...

' Twenty five years ago I worked in Soho and when walking through to get to work would see girls in the doorways and - I knew.'

When asked what he knew - he Just kept repeating that he knew - he knew they were prostitutes - AND THAT WAS IT - SO NO KNOWLEDGE AT ALL - yet ARGUED THAT I WAS WRONG when discussing the sex industry with the UK's most experienced gay sex worker who could help educate him BUT HE ALREADY KNEW - AS HE HAD SEEN GIRLS IN DOORWAYS SO KNEW IT ALL and argued with me that I was wrong and that he knew more, he knew best, he was right.

HE WAS JUST AN IGNORANT UNEDUCATED AN DANGEROUS MAN WITH AN ATTITUDE - and people like him cause untold dangers for others as they show off their knowledge that is based in bullshit.

In 30 years in the sex industry, I also never - ever - heard or met anyone being smuggled into the country and kept as a sex worker against their will. I am sure it happens, but not in my world.




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