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older men, naked

Who says that only the young and the beautiful should pose naked.... Besides, as they say, if beauty is skin deep, then some of these young stunning guys are inside out... as there is nothing on the inside. Beauty may be good to look at but not if the person is a dull moron - cute but dull. Much better to have someone with personality and makes you laugh... BUT - beauty and brains DO go together sometimes as a lot of the escorts on my escort agency years ago were lawyers, doctors, teachers , scientists as well as barmen, shop staff etc... and some of the most handsome men on the agency were lightyears ahead of the client. Never be a snob about what someone does for a living as young or old, fat or slim, we are all the same with our kit off and all have the same needs and desires. Many young guys on the LGBTQ scene look down on us old farts and forget that the mobile phones, iPads, wifi and all the social media they rely and live by - WAS BEING INVENTED BY US OLD FARTS and the rights they rely on in law that protect them as gay men we

re only achieved by us old farts marching, going to prison, making our voices heard and THAT is how these youngsters can live an out gay life and have few peoblems compoared to the 50's m- 90;s when we were young and coming out onto a gay scene that was illegal and dangerous.

Kids of today really do not have a clue what we went through and as for appreciation - ha ha - forget it - the one thing many in the modern generations never learned, is gratitude and praise of others rather than it being all about them...

If you'd like your ' old man's story' to be shared here, send in your stories and we shall share them here.







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