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older - more mature men naked

Not in their prime ? Not at their best ? But who is to say when is ' your best.' As however cute you may be in your 20's, and 30's - many haven't a clue about life, death and the universe at that age and many, quite simply, are crap at sex while giving it all the attitude and ego that puts many off younger guys. Some older guys give up and become old years before their time - while many older men stay young at heart and enjoy a laugh and some good sex and why the hell not. Just because we all get old does not mean we stop living life.

As a kid I loved wine gums and guess what - at 67 I STILL love wine gums.

As a teenager my dick was permanently hard - and as an older man that is not the case but with a little blue pill, I can still fuck someone's brains out and as I say, as long as its hard, I can fuck all night - just these days - with a few breaks and rests between times...

Regardless of age, we all still look at younger guys and remember when we were ' in our prime' and while some resent, those of us who still are able to enjoy our physical bodies will remain young in heart and young in mind ... and why the fuck not and besides, I am not in such a hurry to cum - not in such a hurry to prove myself and I don't care what someone thinks - as it is what it is and if they have a problem with that, they can go fuck themselves.

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