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One Year On. A look back on the year of Covid.

One Year On.

A look back on the year we have had in lockdown.

By John Bellamy

Let us take a moment to remember this last year.

A year like no one has experienced before

A year when we all lost our freedom

Our jobs, our holidays, meeting friends, enjoying shows, shopping and so much more

Many lost the feel of grass under their feet and many binged on Netflix or self abuse

Fun at the time but endlessly meaningless

We watched as the world went into a coma of fear

Billions of people, the vast majority of the planet – quarantined inside their own homes.

Emergency hospitals in place

Frontliners working hard and emotional hours

Scientists hurriedly searching for a vaccine

Governments running around like chickens with their hads cut off

This is new for everyone.

Name blaming China as ‘The Yellow Peril’ once again

Sweat pants and baggy T shirts are the new daily uniform

Not worn a suit or a tie in an age.

Face masks are the normal. Steamy glasses.

Stocking up on food stocks

Keeping loads in

Just in case

Saves shopping where anyone, everyone,

A friend, a relative, a neighbour could be ‘ the one.’

The one who passes it onto you.

A friend or family member may be your murderer

Friends in lockdown for 14 days

Food left outside their door

Treated like a pariah

Keep your distance as they could kill you.

Same old walls

Day in and day out.

Short walks for exercise

Although most the exercise was changing channels

A summer spent in the garden, on the balcony,

Keeping away from Covid Spreaders

Packed beaches – police unable to do anything

Crowds all to keen to get back to normal

Far too soon

Far too dangerous

Far too many newly infected

Couldn’t keep themselves indoor for another minute

So would rather risk death rather than one more TV repeat,

Or one more Monopoly game, one more meaningless pursuit to keep the mind active

Starve of Boredom, Worrying Fear of the unknown.

Watching important but pompous idiots sounding as if they know what they are talking about

Pompous fools.

Winging it like everyone else.

Doing the best they can under the circumstances

Never happened before

No past experiences to call upon.

No idea where, what and how ?

China – blame China.

Older people dying in their droves. Care homes now half empty.

Bodies too many for burial so stored in factories.

Thousands dying around the world.

American Presidents say to drink bleach and inject disinfectant into the body.

Clearly America is lost

Unbelievable even for a comedy movie

Who would believe it.

Brexit is never heard of again

Well hardly

More important things to worry about

At least it stopped family arguments about


LEAVE, it turns out, seems to have been the best thing we could have done. The EU is in complete disarray

Mass lockdowns and mass deaths

No vaccine ordered.

UK sitting pretty.,

No longer under EU control so we are vaccinating merrily

Europe is screwed.

England ‘s doing real well

Many resent and argue against

Small minded people who got it wrong

Attack those who got it right

No excuse for fuck ups when in charge.

No excuse when you are voted into power

Paid a lot of money


But you fucked it up

You got it very wrong

Now you arrogantly fight against those who tell you so

Cast the blame elsewhere

So much for being a grown up then

Children throw the blame at others.

Parents teach taking responsibility

Clearly not something EU leaders pay attention to at all.

Irresponsible bastards.

But today is the day one year ago

An anniversary of sorts. One year since the initial lockdown.

Bound within the house.

Fun at first as the world celebrated a paid holiday, even if at home.

Now a year on

Covid Fatigue.

Tired and bored of it all

Played the games. Binge watched every series going.

Played games, even ended up repainting the house.

Kept busy.

Kept mind from going foggy.

Avoided the news.

Too depressing.

This anniversary day, the sun is shining.

It’s a beautiful day.

But back to painting and back to waiting and back to planning and staying safe and staying away from others and away from ‘ normal life’ –

Which will never be normal again.

Today a year ago, who would have thought.

John Bellamy 23/03/21

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