Only fat old men see prostitutes. TRUE or FALSE.

Many dream about being a sex worker / prostitute / rent boy / giggilo / hooker / whore or as I call it - SOCIAL WORKER or more importantly - a 'SEXUAL COMMUNICATIONS THERAPIST' - as those in the sex industry do a HUGE FAVOUR to society in keeping the loins of men ' off the boil' and allowing for more contentment and peace within relationships as many - and I mean MANY men feel dissatisfied sexually from within their relationships and other than this causing huge rows and emotional / physical difficuties between partners, being able to ' vent their sexual frustration' with a prostitute - especially if you meet a good one and not some tacky victim - then a great deal of healing and peace can be garnered from the experience - so taking the boil and turning it into a simmer.

Many find fault with prostitution and claim to know all about it when the truth is they know fuck all - absolutely fuck all, while having a MAJOR attitude and almost everyone will have an attitude / opinion about the sex worker while knowing absolutely nothing.

In the TV programme ' 3 IN A BED' Hamilton Hall was involved in - one of the other owners had a major attitude concerning my having a past in the sex industry and for 20 minutes asked question after question and did not listen to a single thing I said in reply as he had his mind made up and was actually arguing with me - this man who knew NOTHING about the sex industry ARGUES while I am telling him the facts - Me - the longest most experienced gay sex worker in the country ( at the time ) and because it was not what he wanted to hear, he instantly denied and damned everything and out of fear based ignorance, stuck to he everso limited vioew of prostitution - which was all wrong - and he refused to budge. ' Quick move, there's a bus coming and your standing right in the road and will be hit.'

'No - I have read the bus timetable and there is no bus due so I am standing here.'


You may well have read the bus timetable - you may well have read articles and watched TV programmes about prostitution, but you still do not have a clue - not even the vaguest clue, what being in the business is all about and who your clients / punters are or what they expect to receive from a sex worker - as to put it simply - you are ignorant - ignorant as to what and how a sex worker works and who and what makes up the client base.

1) Every man - EVERY MAN - is a typical client. Any age. Any shape. Any size. Clients are not all fat sweaty old men with tiny dicks and a hard luck story.

Some are - actually a very VERY few. Tall, dark and handsome - huing like a horse and handsome as fuck - is often the sace - and when you open the door to a client lkike this, it is BONUS DAY - and before you ask why a stunning person pays for sex:- One cold snowy February afternoon many years ago, a client came to be fucked in my dungeon and he was 27 - 6'4" tall, really handsome, stunning body and was a ballet dancer from South Africa ( white ) and was truly a beautiful specimen.

He got fucked and after when we chatted he talked aboiut how he was new to London and England, staying in a B&B - was running out of money and was looking for somewhere to live.

We chatted some more and by the end of the afternoon he moved into my house - sharing my super king size bed - NO STRINGS ATTACHED - NO SEX FROM HERE ON - and as a friend - stayed for 6 months. He tried to have sex with me a couple of times and I said no - as he did not have to 'pay the rent' and I would have felt awful 'taking advantage' and he was welcome to stay as a friend - no strings attached.

When my friends met him and questioned why he had come to see an escort ( and yes - I took him onto my escort agency and he earned a fortune - his answer was -

'On a cold snowy afternoon when I am horny as shit and just want a big dick to fuck me, what was I going to do - go to

the Colehern in Earls Court and in a smoke filled bar, end up with nothing and wasting an aftrernoon or go home with someone to find out he is not hung and I end up bored - OR PAY AND GET WHAT I WANT - and that's what he did, and after spending £100 ( long time ago now - ) he got exactly what he wanted - good sex - AND - a friend and a home for 6 months... oh and a job that paid for his stay in the UK.

Naturally, there is the other side of the business.

Naturally we get the fat smally clients occasionally and I would just request them to shower first and everyone has a stroy of why - everyone has a story to share - and I am always interested in the story - the background, and for many - when the wife had the chidren the sex life came to a drastic end and stopped with it being metered out rarely - maybe on Birthdays and Christmas - and the sexual frustration was destroying - and that's why prostitutues help society stay calm and take that sexual energy off the boil and calm things down within relationships. Most men I saw who wer withina relationshop complained of not enough sex at home. Most men are sexually active and seem to want more se than they are getting and many men end up frustrated, angry, butter, and not just at the person responsible for their frustration, but towards anyone they see as enjoying a good sex life, and this is where bigotry and homophobia comes from, fear and anger at someone who they perceive are getting more that thay are.

Whe a wife refuses sex with her husband, and sorry to say I have heard this story in many different ways THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of times - and where the husband doesn't dare dip his wick into anohter ink well or else he may loose the house, car and kids and have to pay for it for the rest of his life - and this unfairness is really abusive.

Out of absolute sexual frustration, if a man strays, he looses everything.

The abuse here is that relationships are not meant to be monogamus UNLESS it works for BOTH parties, and just because the wife has the children DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MAKE HER A GOOD MOTHER - when at the same time she is refusing her husband the basic sexual pleasure between husband and wife - and where she sets the rules and the man just goes along - unhappy at ding so but knowing the cost if he doesn't -


Who has changed the goal posts without even a consideration of the other.

Prostitution is part of the UK's Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) - and yet is claimed to be illegal - so WHY is it part of thr GDP, like all the illegal drugs and the black economy they are a part of - is also part of the UK's GDP - and yet if found dealing drugs - off to jail for a hundred years while the tax man gets off crystal clear while knowing this or that person was a drug dealer but as long as they were being taxed on the income, the illegal source of that income is none of their business and they turn a blind eye, which anyone of us doing that would still be guilty as hell.

I drove a car innocently and it turns out my friends were doing a bank raid and I was the getaway driver - but I am innocent because I didn't know...

The tax man is the car driver claiming innocence when the truth is the tax office is as corrupt and in bed with drug dealers, hookers, bankers, corporate city high flyers and all those who break the law for big bucks like insurance companies and the massive fraud we hear about all the time AND NOTHING IS DONE - because of who they are and no one pays a genuine fine and no one goes to prison BUT the silitary street walker strugglking - will be prosecuted and

walking the streets and turning tricks, TO PAY THE FUCKING FINE.

SO before you claim to know all about it - just realise that the average person knows fuck all about the sex industry, or why anyone goes into the sex industry or what they get out of it - as it is as varied a carer choice as any other - and you will have good and bad days, good and bad clients, and as long as you take care, you can make a great deal of money and become rich - and all the hard work cheesy dicks, smelly crack holes and sweaty balls - worth every minute. As for th client, there is a nplethora of sex workers out there of which only 5% are any good -0 ofer a 5 star service which is decent and doesn't make you feel sleazy and dirty afterwards. So look around, ask questions, and make sure you get a good sex worker and when you do, stick with them as a good one is hard to find.

John Bellamy

Your input is always appreciated and shared. Were you a sex worker / Are you a sex worker ?

Do you have any stories to share, funny and / or tragic.











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