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Oriental guys plus

Thanks for sending in the pictures of Asian guys. I find very few so need your input. Young smooth guys are not what they were when I was their age. Nowadays they are all gym trained and pumped up... all seem to have enormous cocks ... all seem so confident - and in my day, we just were not.

Hi John

Again, a brilliant blog! A lot of first rate cock and balls! Whilst I love all the group shots, the hairy brigade and the young studs, I was delighted to see the inclusion of older guys! As I’m now definitely a BOF (boring old fart) it’s great to see that our age group can still be randy and erotic, with some very suckable cock on display! More of this please!

Hope you enjoy the great weather and get a good overall tan, without suffering from a sunburnt cock! That would be a bit nasty!

Keep well and thank you for your great blogs, which always provide a plethora of good wanking material!


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