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Outrageous Demand meets a 'No Thankyou.'

Below is one of the funniest and saddest e mails I have ever received.

In 22 years here this really is the most dumb - the most entitled male Karen I have ever heard from and just think how he would ruin it for others staying.

This is real. It is not fake even though many assume it is a wind up.

One person stated ' HE NEEDS A PADDED CELL' .

It was written as one long paragraph and hard to read so I have opened it up and spaced it for easy reading and understanding.

As I read through it, my mouth dropped open in absolute shock at how expectant this man is in his demands, and the outrageous attitude easily enabled me to refuse his booking and I told him straight I was NOT prepared to tolerate such entitled behaviour and that if he is like this on e mail, then he would be appalling in real life and would ruin it for my other guests staying - so as much as I want the business,

I am NOT prepared to adapt my whole venue to accommodate his list of demands and his booking was refused.

Some assumed it came from a delusional mind, someone believe he is in need of some medication or a therapist while others thought it just a fake wind up, and whoever's mind it came from is seriously delusional and unrealistic in the real world and one can only feel somewhat desperately sorry for anyone living under such a fantasy of what he / they believe is available in a small 5 bedroomed guest house in Boscombe and not the 7 star Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

Read away and see what you think. Not sure any hotel would be able to cater to this mans demands... I mean... wasp hunting ???


Dear Mr Bellamy, I have heard many things about Hamilton Hall and would dearly love to come and stay with my lifelong partner, Arthur. We are both raw food vegan but Arthur is allergic to nuts and gluten and I am allergic to feathers. I trust the feather allergy wouldn’t pose a problem unless the pillows are stuffed with them. I can always bring my own special pillow but it needs washing daily – do you have a washing machine?

I’m sure you’re always washing sheets and things so you could pop my pillow in with them and I can explain how to dry it. It's a bit tricky.

Arthur is OK with a feather pillow but I make him sleep right over the other side of the bed so it’s not near my head. Do you have lovely wide beds?

We do have hot drinks but not tea or coffee because of the caffeine and it hypes us both up too much. Do you provide flasks and packed lunches for the beach?

Could we book a double room with ensuite bathroom (no shower, please, we need to immerse our bodies in a special solution in the bath as I have a rare skin condition and Arthur finds showers too difficult since his gammy hip started playing up and the NHS is overstretched so we don’t know when he’ll be able to get sorted).

I understand that there is nudity throughout the hotel and we are not too bothered about that at all but find nudity during mealtimes rather puts us off our food so we would appreciate it if people stopped doing it then. Unless you are able to bring meals to our room, that would be very helpful as Arthur doesn’t really like people watching him eat (apart from me) since a frightening experience in a restaurant in Hong Kong.

I understand you go the extra mile and collect guests from the railway station so I can send you our itinerary once we’ve booked with you. Do you give lifts to the beach? It isn’t too far away, I suppose.

I gather from one friend who stayed with you a few years ago that there are some gloomy spots on the landing. This is ideal for us because light bulbs over a certain wattage sets off buzzing in my ears (tinnitus) – I think they give off vibrations.

Will there be workshops going on all the time or just sometimes? Apart from all the nudity, I’m not sure about things like fisting and pumping – that’s beyond the pale for us at our age. Is it obligatory to join in? We could arrange our stay around such workshops.

I think that’s about all –

oh, I have a wasp phobia so please make sure that windows are shut so they can’t get in. I have a terrible time with them. Please let me know availability towards the end of August or in September (wasps shouldn’t be a problem in September but you never know). We’d like to stay for a fortnight but can we try a week and if we don’t like it go home? Yours very sincerely.

JB: So this man wants to make me tell all guests ' NO NUDITY AT DINNER' - he wants all windows closed because of wasps - and while we do cater to vegetarians and vegans - with 4 days notice - I haven't a clue what a raw food vegan eats and am not about to waste my time looking it up, I have a busy summer, I am ill for the last 6 weeks and this foolish man assumes he can tell me how to run my business. I actually felt quite sorry for these guys as clearly, they will be housebound and unable to book in anywhere with all their phobias and problems and the sad thing is, he replied all upset and calling me rude and took absolutely no responsibility for his own outrageous demands at all, so clearly, there IS something wrong here.

He chose a hotel that is clothing optional but doesn't like it at meal times - He chose a hotel where we all eat together at one large table yet his partner doesn't like eating in front of people and we do not allow dinners to be taken to your room as it contradicts everything I stand for about community dining.

He then left a shitty review on Trip Advisor CLICK HERE TO READ MY RESPONSE ON TRIP ADVISOR although it could be a couple of days yet.

Your comments on this are invited.


My God, some people. AAAAGGHHH!! David B.

It’s a joke surely!!!,my response would be fuck off you prick !!!! Dean.

Jesus. I hope you put him down sensitively 🤣. I thought I can be complicated at times. Perhaps people like that should stay at home. Awl. Errol.

Fuck me rigid!!! I could hardly believe my eyes reading that email. As you say; an over-entitled, selfish butt hole. You do well to refuse him.

I'm glad his "shitty review" came right after mine in TripAdvisor, I wonder which one people are likely to believe....along with the many excellent ones you have? 🤣🤣🤪

Keep up the good work my friend

If this is genuine, then I feel desperately sorry for these two old codgers. What astounds, is the the way they demand as if entitled. Instructing you on how to dry a pillow is so patronising. Next he will ask you to wipe his bottom for him. Philip

WTF ? John. Medication - Carers and social services come to mind when I read that appalling crap list of demands and as for the wasps ? This man is seriously in need of some kind of intervention and best you didn't allow him to stay. What an awful man. He needs serious help. Simon.

Open mouthed isn't the word. Gob Smacked. WH.

During the height of a busy season I am sure you can do without people like this John. No wonder so many gay venues close down sick of people like him. I read it over and over in absolute disbelief that anyone could be so obnoxious in their demands and how it gets worse just when you think he has run out of steam, he moans about wasps and keeping the windows closed. He needs a padded cell John, well and truly sound proof and padded so the rest of us do not need see or hear his rubbish attitude. Stroller.

Oh my him to stay away :-)

Honestly some people are arseholes, get your room for your holiday without having the world to look after you and your partner. Does he really expect someone to accept his booking? I am sure is some twat messing about ahahahaha


You have to be kidding me John. That has to be a wind up, fake, bullshit. I cannot believe any sane man would write such rubbish to a business and expect to be offered accommodation. What a fucking moron. Rob.

This has to be a case of serious mental health John. This person is so wrapped up in himself and that of his partner he assumes the world is all about him. Best you deny him accommodation as can you just imagine how he would be face to face - moan moan moan moan wasp wasp wasp.... Donald.

Demanding all other guests dress for dinner because they do not like nudity in a clothing optional venue. WHO THE FUCK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE. Clive.

You have GOT to be kidding me. That has GOT to be fake. No one would be so foolish. No one would be that entitled. Talk about dumb. Is that real John. Really Really real ? Sammy

You have to be shitting me John. You absolutely have to. That cannot be real. What sort of loonie is this man ? Robert T.

You have my deepest sympathy for having to tolerate such dumb people . I read the piece three times as I absolutely couldn't believe what I was reading. Can you imagine the mind of the person who wrote that ? Can you just imagine how awful he would be as a guest. How demanding. How petulant if a wasp came in. Well done on refusing him. Joe R. I was also open mouthed in shock John. Astounded. Absolutely shocked to the core anyone would send such an e mail so full of demands. He actually expects all other guests staying to adhere to his demands because it offends him to see nudity at the dinner tale while staying in a clothing optional venue ? Who does he think he is ? David R. So we cannot go naked at dinner if this man stays huh ? And a wasp hunt, oh goody. And he wants to bring his own pillow. What are these guys, 8 years of age ? If you have serious allergies surrounding food, bedding, insects and more, STAY AT HOME and do not expect others to cater in this way and all expected from a small venue with just the two of you there. I bet even the Hilton would refuse these damned awkward guys. Steve.

Surely not John. It's fake - right ? No one in their right mind would send such demands as it just comes over as moronic stupidity, or at least, dumb fucking dumb. I absolutely considered this to be fake when reading but know you and know you share this kind of stupidity with us so know its real. You poor soul having to cater to - idiots -= like these guys. HG

It goes on and on John. The e mail concerning special treatment. It just went from funny to pathetic to delusional, absolutely delusional. I feel for you having to put up with this sort of thing as this goes way beyond what anyone would offer - ANYONE - and his expectations are really delusional. What an old fart. Tommy.

John: I hope you told the wasp man to take his business elsewhere. He would be appalling to be around for the others staying at the time. Can you just imagine John what he would be like face to face ... moan fmoan - picky picky.

Gloomy landings, wasps, pillows , it is a shopping list of me me me and not a single ' is it possible' Michael J.




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