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Pastor gives Christians who claim "religious exemption" from masks and vaccines an epic Bible lesson

At last - a Christian Pastor - Keith Marshall - has made it clear how Christians are NOT exempt from the Covid jab or anything else and using their religion as an excuse not to do something is Un Godly and Un Christian.
Personally, I do not know anywhere in the Bible that states you are exempt unless you are a Jehovah Witness ( Jehovah's Witnesses do not observe holidays they believe to have pagan origins, such as Christmas, Easter, and birthdays. They do not salute the national flag or sing the national anthem, and they refuse military service. They also refuse blood transfusions, even those that could be life saving.)
or an Amish ( With the emphasis on communal care rather than individual care, the decision is often made to forgo a procedure that is deemed too costly – and may burden the community too much. It is common for Amish to reject extraordinary measures to save a life, as such measures may attempt to interfere with God's will. )

Naturally in the USA he is taking a certain amount of flack from the 'anti-anythingers' and those involved in scuppering the governments plan to help people, to vaccinate people, to save lives and get things back to 'normal' and when these anti vaxers use any excuse not to - and when they get infected and spread the virus around all they know, and when they end up in hospital - then they should be made to pay 100% for absolutely every little thing the hospital has to offer - as they knew how NOT to get infected and chose to ignore - so make them pay. Same here in the UK. If you refuse the vaccine and then get ill and need hospitalization and treatment, you should be billed every single penny. Why waste NHS money on those who could have taken precautions but chose not to and take it away from other departments who need the nurses and finances to cater to children with cancer etc.

Bring in the Covid Passports and THAT will sort the wheat from the chaff - the careful from the stupid.

There are no excuses and religion should not be used as an excuse except to show how dumb you truly are.

I am reminded of the story about a flood.

As the flood waters rise, a man is clinging to his chimney breast on the roof as the water rises higher and higher. He raises his hands to the Heavens and prays

' Please God, save me from the flood water so I may live to see another day.'

The water keeps rising.

A boat appears and he is told to jump on and be saved.

'No - God is going to save me.'

and the boat goes off to save others instead.

He continues ' Please God, save me from the flood water so I may live to see another day.'

The water keeps rising.

A helicopter comes and drops a ladder for him to climb up to safety.

'No - God is going to save me.'

The helicopter pulls up the ladder and goes off to save someone who wants to be saved by them.

The water keeps rising.

He drowns.

He goes to Heaven where he is met by God at the front door.

The man is vexed.

He barks at God - ' I prayed for you to save me - I prayer hard - and you let me drown. Why did you forsake me in my time of need ?'

God's reply -

'I sent a boat - I sent a helicopter - what more could I have done to help you survive and you turned them away. You take responsibility for drowning and stop blaming me when I gave you choices and you threw them away out of blind - totally blind faith.'


Blind faith serves no one.

GOD DOES NOT WANT YOUR BLIND FAITH. In fact, God does not want your faith at all. Not in the slightest. God does not care if you believe in Her/Him at all. Not in the slightest. It is WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON THAT IS WHAT MAKES YOU WORTHY.

How many Christians, Jews, Muslims and anyone with a strong religious belief, are some of the most evil people on the planet. Many hide behind their faith as if like some invisibility cloak of Harry Potter, but this cloak does not hide your evil ways and just because you pray for forgiveness, does not mean you have been forgiven or that what you have done can EVER be forgiven, by man and not God, as God does not judge us at all - not in the slightest - WE JUDGE and what's more, we even judge God and re write what is claimed to be the word of God and even re edit Her/His rules and guidance offered.

Much of the horrors of the last 2,000 years have been instigated by the church:- The Vicars, Priests, Popes. Iman's, Rabbi's and those claiming to be doing God's work, when nothing could be further from the truth. Mass genocide. Mass wars to 'spread the word' - Treating women as lower to men - Abusing children - Burning non believers and gay men as witches - oh the Un Godly list of horrors offered to believers has been appalling and continues to this day in one form or another and still the church likes to poke its nose into human affairs if and whenever they think they can gain power and control over our soul when it is this very institution - all of them - that have hindered and destroyed our Godly Journey with lies and deception and massively mistranslations of the Biblical documents to back up their own story in order to gain control and power over the people and not FOR the people, but AGAINST the people.

And here was are with these Christian men telling others NOT to save themselves when God has sent a vaccine. How UnGodly, How Un Enlightened, How Evil are these men and this Pastor Keith Marshall is to be congratulated as a hero of our times for speaking the truth. -----------------------------------------------

John Bellamy


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