Pink Hole on offer

Have a read of a couple of recent e mails received. These are real.


Hi John Great sight looks like a luvly hotel. I am looking for a break over May bank holoday but I am on Universal Credit so can't afford to get far. I am wonderin if I can help you out sexually in eschange for the holiday. I am a total slut, love bareback - no cock refused! and sucking cock too. I would be open to being used by you and your guests at any point. I have worked as a dancer both jazz tap and erotic so I have a nice body and told my shaved pink hole is night and tight. Anyways let me know - you dont ask you dont get innit lol Cheers sexy xxx Paul


I did have to laugh at the comment about his ' pink hole ' and my answer is below.

Dear Paul: Thank you for contacting Hamilton Hall

Thanks for your kind offer of your pink hole , but we are a very busy venue and do not need an ‘ in house slut ‘ so shall decline your offer.

With a dick the size of mine, I can get – more or less – any pink, brown or otherwise hole I want… there are not many large dicks around whereas there are millions of pink holes.

Hamilton Hall is a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE and after 2 X 6 month periods closed, do you think we can afford to give away free holidays when we – like every business in the land, are struggling financially. Do you know how many thousands of venues are closing down – going broke after years – decades of work put in – and now they are loosing everything – EVERYTHING – because of this pandemic – and you want it for free.

Clearly you have not really given this much thought and while we are here for the com

munity in whatever way we can, going broke is not one of them and does not offer a continuing support network for men if we do.

We are very much a community hotel – and that Paul – has to be paid for. Sadly we cannot pay our bills with your pink hole, unless you can think of a way of paying my £3,500 a year heating bill.

Have a great weekend and maybe in the future we can offer something with a vastly reduced rate but we need to re open and get some money coming in to help offset this last closed period and move forward.

Sorry Paul.

In Peace



Dear John: My partner and I are requesting one of your free holidays. We have both been in isolation for many months and have not been able to work because of Covid. My partner has 5 restaurants and all are closed. My own law firm is working over Zoom but it is not the same as face to face. We were hoping to be able to sit out this lockdown in our cottage out near Wimborne ( we live in the Barbican in London ) but have been stuck here instaed. If you can see your way of offering a free break to help us get our life back to some kind of normal, that would be great.Thanks ( name withheld )
My answer:

Dear Geoff: Let me get this straight. Your partner has 5 restaurants. You work for a law firm. You work. You earn. You are not exactly broke. You even own a cottage in the country and you are asking for a free holiday ?


What makes you think you are worthy ? What makes you even think I would offer wealthy men - with 5 restaurants - a free holiday.

You are hardly surviving on Universal Credits.

You are hardly struggling financially.

You are not joining food centres for a meal.

You are not the only ones to be in isolation.

You seem to assume you are the only ones ' going through it' at the moment.

You are hardly struggling - and I am shocked at your audacity to even ask such a thing considering you are NOT - and I cannot stipulate harsh enough - you are NOT worthy of any kind of discount - let alone an offer of a free holiday.

So Geoff - Would you expect me to offer you a holiday and you take it away from someone in genuine need ? Would you take money from a charity when you are hardly broke ?

Geoff. I am amazed at your request and shocked you actually wrote such a request. Absolutely shocked - and it does make me giggle - your audacity - under the circumstances that YOU ARE NOT STRUGGLING AT ALL, not financially, and you have support living together, and you are not going to be offered a free holiday at Hamilton Hall, now or ever. I am absolutely shocked you even had the nerve to ask. What sort of people are you ?

John Bellamy


When wealthy people ask for a free holiday, I want to smack them hard.

Do they not get that it is reserved for those in need and not spoiled brats who feel entitled - as that REALLY pisses me off.


John: My partner discovered he had cancer during the first lockdown last year. It has been a traumatic experience with lockdown, struggling with hospital appointments and so forth and no one wants to help for fear of Covid. I am struggling with the electrics here as the heating keeps going off and is all electric. We just about manage on Universal Credits and Disability Allowances and it has not been fun at all. His health is up and down and the depression - well that was a new one for me and when he went down and down, I was lost as to what to do. Depressive people I have no experience with. Love your Blog each week and well done on keeping Ham Hall going after 21 years.
Terry ( Bournemouth )


I offered to send our electrician friend round to sort out their electrics for them and I will pay for it for them as my Easter Gift, as its cold, and when you are ill, especially when a life threatening illness, then you want to be warm and comfortable and not shivvering and scared. So while I will bark LOUDLY at those who feel entitled when they are adamantly NOT WORTHY AT ALL of anything for free, people like Terry most certainly are - for he did not ask for anything... I offered after reading his e mail and was all that was needed - a kind and thoughtful offer. He was embarrased as he was not e mailing to ask for anything but to congratulate us on 21 years open and the never asked while these foolish men with 5 restaurants expect something for free, when they can well pay for it , and that kind of entitled attitude ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTS ME.



Chris is 6'7" tall, bearded and handsome and so easy going and gay friendly, he lives near Hamilton Hall and is in and out all the time and is currently laying a new paved area for us in the kitchen garden area - and is a brilliant handiman / electrician.

If you ever need some one in the area to do some electrics or general maintenance at a very reasonable rate - phone Chris first and say you saw the number on Hamilton Halls Blog then you might get a discounted offer.






John: FFS unbelievable arrogance to the extreme,id rather fuck my slippers😂😂🤪🤪chancers all of em all CUNTS 😂😂😂xxxx

WTF John. How disrespectful can you get. I was speechless when I read the piece in your Blog. What do these people think they are doing. I know many are suffering in this lockdown, but - they have not forgotten decent manners and decency aimed at others surely. Disgraceful. M. John. I know the average age of your customers are not teenagers yet these guys come over as adolesents whose naiveity astounds. Typical married men whose gay lifestyle is assuming every man and every situation is meant for sex. Hate those bisexual married fools as their actions do the gay community no favors at all. Jeff.

Hamilton Hall. I do wonder how some people manage in the real world when they assume it is okay to be so blatant - as there would be HORROR if sent to a straight venue and a women worked there and read that kind of sexualized bullshit. They would go to jail for that and be registered on the sex ofenders register and told to GROW THE FUCK UP.


John Bellamy comments again.

I am not offended as sexuality does not offend me, I am just so sorry that so many seem not to have any sort of decent manners and respect for others. Some assume it is okay to get away with murder within the gay world but would never be tollorated in the straight world and there would be complaints logged against some people if this was received. I appreciate men have a very different view on sexuality than women and men are a lot more sexualized than women, but decent behaviour and respect go a long way and these disrespectful e mails say a great deal about the sender. I appreciate many - like me - have not had sex in a full year or more - and are somewhat fucked up because of that - and many less people cannot cope with being shut up and isolation with no sex - and I completely understand all that. However, if you want a dirty phone call then I will take your credit / debit card number and charge you and we can chat and get all horny all you like and you will be billed £100 for my time - cheap compared to what I charged 20 odd years ago when I was a sex worker and believe me... I am not about to get dirty on e mail or the phone when I am busy getting my venue ready for re opening.



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