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plant based foods hit a wall.

I was vegetarian in the USA decades ago and it was very hard to be catered for in restaurants - and for years, people following vegetarian and vegan diets were exceptionally poorly catered for in restaurant menus and in supermarkets. I moved to Nebraska - which is predominately meat rearing country with ranches raising hundreds of thousands of beef cattle and they saw me as The Anti Christ for not eating meat. This was back in the 1980's and in the md west of America, things have not changed in all these decades. Meat rules.

The recent boom in plant-based products has been one of the major food stories of the past few years.

It was in fashion.

Personally - I was bored to tears with all the ' do gooders' telling me I was single handedly destroying the planet.

However;- the boom in plant based foods has stalled and in some cases gone into complete reverse.

I bought some plant based fish in batter and sausages in batter from Aldi and they were really good, but at £1 per sausage was not cheap.

One of the industry’s most prominent brands, Beyond Meat, has hit hard times, cutting a fifth of its workforce. The UK-based Meatless Farms went into administration. Some companies have reduced their range of non-meat products and as the cost of living crisis has taken hold, consumer demand for some plant-based products, which can be more expensive, appears to have slowed enormously.

I tried these plant based fish and sausages a couple of times, but were simply too costly as you wanted at least 3 sausages to make a decent meal and at £3 per serving, FOR FAKE SAUSAGES - it was just too expensive compared to meat products. If the market wants us to eat less meat - and if companies are going to offer an alternative, and if we are going to ' save the planet' then it has to be financially viable and not two to three times the price - especially as most people suffer financially and are cutting back on food costs due to double and treble the cost for gas and electricity that is crippling millions into poverty.

It all sounds jolly and wonderful to save the planet and eat healthier, and I totally support that, but with a global melt down occurring with shortages in wheat - oil and gas prices trebling in cost, and where our government sees fit to fine us for almost everything and anything - it simply is not cost affective and with so many relying on food banks to survive, it simply is not viable.

Having watched several programmes on telly and YouTube about how these meat free products are produced, I was shocked as it is not as healthy or as we would imagine at all... there are increasing worries among shoppers about ultra-processed foods such as these meat-like products and the health benefits are somewhat over stated while the horrors of how they are made, is shocking. So the plant based diet is still hard to get your mouth around if you want to eat a healthy diet and unless you grow your own veg, and unless you cut out just about all first class protein from your diet, and unless you find a healthy alternative - which is hard - this is not going to be the way forward.

I appreciate it is all down to re education - but like the new lightbulbs introduced 20 years ago that were being pushed as the way forward but took ages to light up and were causing accidents and were useless, these products are not ready for the market while we are being made to feel guilty for not using them and 'saving the planet' - and all this - is big business making a fast buck and the public is hood winked into believing it.

It is like electric cars that were pushed as the way forward and unless only using for short distances, can be EXTREMLY hard to use if going long distances. One friend was recently driving from London to Glasgow and it took him many hours longer than by standard petrol, he wasted hours at charging stations in a queue to use the charger, was given a £120 PARKING TICKET because the wait was so long he went over the standard parking time and it ended up costing TWICE AS MUCH IN ELECTRIC COSTS as if using petrol and he was furious and what many forget, is WHERE IS THIS ELECTRICITY COMING FROM ?

So be it plant based sausages - electric cars or LCD light bulbs you cannot dim and the ones that can are £6 FOR ONE LIGHT BULB, the costs outweigh any sense of reality in the present climate of financial loss to millions.

Plant based foods were a fad and now seem to be loosing favour.

A local man in insisting that the appallingly run beach cafe run by the council and that LOST £750,000 last summer season OF OUR COUNCIL TAX MONEY - because the council couldn't run a business if they tried and everything they turn their hands to, looses money, IS DEMANDING it stops selling meat products and turn the cafe totally vegan. I ask you for God's sake - it already lost money hand over fist with incompetence, bad service and where they clearly didn't have a clue and now this moron is demanding a totally vegan menu in a beach cafe - where people want burgers, hotdogs, chips and beer... and THAT is how you make money. Vegan restaurants all over the country were a fad and several in town have closed within 6 months as - too few customers. having a few vegan meals on an otherwise 'normal' menu I can agree with but NOT a totally vegan menu when - as above, the bubble has burst.


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