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Political & Virus Fatigue

Brexit is now sorted - Trump is on the way out - and many are suffering fatigue from it all. The same can be said the the virus which has brought many to a stage of fatigue.

Brexit is at last done. There will be faults. There will be things we would have done differently. There will always be a ' better way ' - an 'alternative' - but this is what we have got and this is what after 4 years of infighting has brought us and if this was any family they would be sent for therapy / counselling as the behaviour of these MEP's has been appallingly ignorant, rude, patronising and indifferent to what others want and say and have gone in a direction that suits themselves and not the people who voted for them.

Personally I am appalled at the behaviour of these - so called - educated men and women - and appalled at how selfish, how self centred., how ego driven so many of them are. It has not been about what is good for the EU or the UK, but what is good for them personally USING the EU as a platform to promote their own ego driven future and not what is best for the billioins of people.

Personally, I have a great deal less respect for government than I had and as for Boris Johnson and his appalling wafle waffle waffle - is clearly DREADFUL coming from a leader during a global pandemic and all he does is waffle on and on making it very UNCLEAR WTF he is saying and what we should do.

Ego running out of control.

Covid 19 - the first 3 weeks of lockdown last year I awoke every morning and had to stop myself leaping out of bed for work, and I would lay there and think ' Oh, we are in lockdown - we have been closed by the government ' - and when the second 3 weeks closure was announced, I think that was the time many of us took on board how serious this was. We saw empty streets, empty city centres, empty trains and no one - anywhere - and we all paid attention. Now with Boris and his waffling on and on and making changes and then changing that yet again at the very last minute and so ruining millions of peoples lives in so many ways with thoughtlessness and bad planning - and we find ourselves nearly a year later with Covid Fatigue as it rolls on and on.

Not the governments fault, but certainly it could have been facilitated a little better - a little kinder to people and a little more sympathetic to people. I totally appreciate the importance and the need and the fact that we need to take precautions and top marks to all who have paid attention and kept safe, but when over 800 people A DAY in the Bournemouth area alone are testing positive, WTF are these people doing exposiong themselves to the virus after so long a period, so much talk and experts and masks and had gells and so forth and yet - hundreds every day are still being exposed and infected.

Covid Fatigue has set in and many have stopped short on many aspects of safety and are now becoming infected and many will die because they switched off the warning button within and through Covid Fatigue, they seem to have given up playing safe and just want their lives back to normal, WHICH IS NOT YET AVAILABLE, yet they play dangerous and then wonder how and why they became infected.

Fatigue - mental fatigue - the same old news day in and day out.

Fatigue - so many stop watching and listening - pure and simple.

Fatigue hinders movement forwward and fatique brings a lack of further interest.

Keep up to date guys. Grab yourselves by the balls every time you feel fatigued by all this and realise IT AINT OVER YET and if you do not want to die - PAY ATTENTION AND STAY ALERT.

We survived HIV in the 1980's and have lived to see the turn of the century whereas tens of thousands of our friends died young - HIV took out almost a whole generation of young gay men - and we are still alive and kicking and - let's all give thanks that while we have another virus causing havoc, we have experience of taking care and going without and learning new ways, so let's lead from the front and show everyone how we can stay safe and survive yet another virus pandemic that is raging through the worlds population.


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