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Politically incorrect restaurant sees business soar

Fed-Up Restaurant Owner Posts ‘Politically Incorrect’ Sign, Sales Soar


With the push for “political correctness,” one Texas restaurant chain decided it’s had enough. The owner posted a sign, letting people know they’re not bowing to the demands of others — and almost immediately, their sales began to soar.

Jeff Anon, the CEO of Berryhill Baja Grill, was feeling quite fed up with how sensitive everyone has become, so he decided to do his part to push back against politically correct people who think they can control everyone else’s speech, according to ABC News.

Anon warned his customers that he may offend them by being too “politically incorrect.” In fact, at all 9 of his restaurant’s Texas locations, signs were posted warning potential customers that neither Anon nor his employees are politically correct. What’s more, the signage boldly told customers that if they don’t like it, they were free to leave.

So, if you go to a Berryhill Baja grill, you’ll find signs posted outside the establishment that read, “Notice: This store is politically incorrect. We say ‘Merry Christmas,’ ‘God bless America.’ We salute our flag and give thanks to our troops, police officers, and firefighters. If this offends you, you are welcome to leave. In God we trust.”

“I just got tired of all the news of everybody having to be politically correct,” said Anon, explaining he had seen enough national controversies over things like Christmas, such as the criticism that erupted on social media about Starbucks’ red holiday-themed cups. Anon, who’s a practicing Jew, added that he doesn’t understand why people get so bent out of shape simply from hearing someone say, “Merry Christmas.”

“There’s nothing wrong with saying ‘Merry Christmas’ in lieu of ‘Happy Holidays.’ When people say ‘Merry Christmas,’ they’re being nice,” Anon explained. “They’re not trying to be politically incorrect or have religious beliefs.”

Indeed, it’s such a simple concept, and if a Jewish man isn’t upset by being wished a Merry Christmas rather than a Happy Hanukkah, why should anyone else be offended by it? What’s even cooler about Anon and his restaurants is that he decks them out with both full Christmas and Hanukkah decorations, showing what tolerance, inclusion, and co-existing really look like. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t involve exclusion under the guise of being “politically correct.”

The CEO received a ton of support for his efforts, too. “The outpouring of support has been absolutely terrific. We’re actually getting a lot of requests from people to get the sign,” Anon said, adding that for each negative comment, he receives “hundreds” of positive ones.

“Some people say you shouldn’t take religion into the workplace,” Anon furthered before explaining, “We’re not trying to bring religion into the workplace. It has nothing to do with religion. It’s the spirit of the holidays.”

Indeed, it’s nice to see someone taking a stand against those who are hyper-sensitive and so easily offended. It’s time to be unapologetic when we aren’t doing anything that worthy of apologizing for — like wishing someone well by saying Merry Christmas or God bless.

The correct response when receiving such a greeting isn’t to be upset by it, but rather to simply say “Thank you.” After all, it’s a pleasantry, not an insult.

Maybe if we all took a lesson from Jeff Anon and his approach, we can finally put an end to the “politically correct” madness that seemingly seeks to ruin everything by finding a reason to be offended where there truly isn’t one. As for those who may disagree, just like the sign says, they are welcome to find somewhere else to eat.


John Bellamy Comments:

A customer made me stop and think last year when he stopped and said -

' John - You have no filters.'

and I was taken aback and it took a few seconds to get what he meant, and he was dead right.

I do not work for a corporation or any business whose staff have to be so politically correct - so polite - so nice and never argue with customers - and that IS MOST CERTAINLY not the way I do business.- At all.

If you wish to be rude to me - go right ahead and be prepared for me to tell you EXACTLY where you can shove a rude attitude.

Right where the sun don't shine.

You give me bullshit and I will tell you it's bullshit and how I don't believe what you are saying..

You lie and bully - you will be talked to and I - quite simply - do not like bullies and will always defend those being bullied and if you try that on me - you'd have to be a lot bigger and a lot smarter than me - as I WILL stand up for myself and those being bullied as I don't give a shit what the bully thinks but I do care about those being oppressed.

If you want to ' instruct' me how to speak to you, what pronoun, what angle to come from;- oh dear here we go again - I will ignore you as just another attention seeker demanding special treatment, like vegans - like some religious nuts - reformed smokers - like some ' politically correct ' people who do not like to hear alternatives - or anyone who likes to have an attitude and talk down to me and my staff will very quickly be put in their place.

It's not that I am rude.

It's not that I am opionated.

It's - I am NOT prepared to take crap - bullshit - bollocks from people who use all sorts of things to get attention and that I find SO BORING.

Maybe it does take a certain amount of guts.

Maybe it is opionated - but when someone is an asshole and my opinion is that they are acting like an asshole, then I will speak up.

At a local meeting with 75 people and the Mayor and Chief of Police of Bournemouth were in attendance etc. where they speak with the public about various local topics,- some people assume it okay to share bullshit details, untruths claiming it to be true - and on several occasions I was forced to speak up and put the correct facts forward and even the Mayor was incorrect - GROSSLY INCORRECT as was the Chief of the Police and I HAD to speak up and tell them that if we were to have serious discussion like this, then you MUST be truthful and accurate with your input and facts otherwise you just cause trouble and do a disservice to the local community.

BOY they didn't like it but the police man actually asked me later who I was, and he sincerely hoped I would attend other meetings as he appreciated my TRUTHFUL input and how I was clearly not afraid to speak up against those who just moan and do so with inaccurate facts and figures. He actually came to Hamilton Hall a couple of times trying to see if I would attend again, but as it's always in the evenings when I am doing dinner, it is never a good time.

Too many are afraid to speak up for fear they may be criticised.

Not me.

Too many are afraid to stand in front of others and say their piece for fear of being pulled apart.

Not me.

Too many don't know what pronoun to use, how to address people and what is acceptable

Not me.

If you look like a girl, you will be called by a girls pronoun - Miss - Mrs - Lady - Woman - She

If you look like a man - the same goes for you - Boy, Lad, Mr. Sir - He.

If you want to rant I have mis gendered you - go right ahead and don't be surprised if I just stand there and laugh. I won't deliberately mis gender you but DO NOT expect me to ask what your gender is so I get it right, as I really don't give a shit what your gender is or what you recognise as - for one simple reason - I don't care and I refuse to buy into your dogmatic rhetorical self opionated attention seeking attitude.


The world may be changing - but not for the better.

Those who feel so insecure they need to demand attention through being a Them or They - will get the usual answer - ' Them and They are plural - are you on meds for schizophrenia ? Are you beside yourself with anger ( get it - get it ) Is the old joke - ' I'm schizophrenic - and so am I ' - applicable to you ?

Someone complained I was turning this Newsletter ' TOO POLITICAL' - when it has always been political.

People moan there are too many men with cut dicks,- Not enough uncut guys -

Some complain this is political.

I put requests here for those in need of our help abroad in countries loathsome to LGBT -

This is too political for some.

I promote and support Peter Tatchell who has done more good for LGBT than anyone else in the UK - and many LGBT hate the man - which speaks volumes about their vacuous nature -

Is THAT too Political ?

Trump, - and what can be said about that circus act that cannot be contrived as ' too political.' as his actions will affect the planet and - should we ignore ? LGBT are being attacked and murdered because of politics and are we to ignore this aspect of LGBT life - and tragic death ?

Is THAT TOO POLITICAL for you - as you sit and drink your bubbly in the warm watching telly all safe and not giving a damn for others because ' it's all too political.'

It is what it is and everything is political - or controversial - to someone else and there will always be those who demand attention and these are the people I have always ignored.

If you have something worthy to share - WONDERFUL

if all you want is to waste others time with nonsense, then bugger off.

If you don't like it, then tough shit. It is what it is and the vast amount of our custom at Hamilton Hall knows us all too well and thoroughly enjoy the freedom away from the bullshit and crap we face daily in our lives.


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