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Power Cut Warning

I received this today through email and while I have taken personal details out, it is as it arrived.

This POWER CUT WARNING is unheard of.... never seen the likes, although did live through the 3 Day Week and Power Cuts in the 1970's under Ted Heath and we survived.




Dear Mr Bellamy,

Important Update - Electricity Supply Emergency Code | Rota Load Disconnection

We wanted you to know that the National Grid, who operate the UK’s electricity system, has released its Winter Outlook Report which outlined a range of scenarios that could affect the UK over the coming Winter period. A key part of this report highlighted the Electricity Supply Emergency Code (ESEC), as a precautionary measure in the ‘unlikely’ event that the UK experiences insufficient gas supplies to power homes and businesses across the country. What is Rota Load Disconnection? The Government’s ESEC procedure outlines what is referred to as Rota Load Disconnection to make sure that during an energy emergency, such as a shortage of power, the nation's electricity is distributed as equally and fairly as possible. The purpose of Rota Load Disconnection is to reduce the demand for electricity to match the level of electricity generation that is available. To control the use of electricity during these emergency periods, the country is divided by block areas (known as Alpha Identifiers) which would be switched off in turn, for about three hours, according to the rota. What is my Alpha Identifier? For reference, your Alpha Identifier block area is displayed in the below table. Please retain this information should the rota be introduced over the Winter period.

You can also check your Alpha Identifier and local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) via the find operator tool at How will this impact my business? We understand that the threat of a blackout or power outage will cause concern for our customers but must stress that this is a worst-case scenario. If the UK does suffer a power shortage, Rota Load Disconnection could be imposed on your block area, and would therefore advise taking reasonable steps to minimise the impact to your business. The rota outlines that the power supply would be unavailable for a period of up to 3 hours per slot. At a low level of emergency, this could be a few times in a week. In a high shortage of supply, there may be several outage slots.

Need to get in touch? We have setup a dedicated web page to help plan ahead and answer any further questions you have. For this and other useful contact information, please visit our info hub post here. If you'd like to contact our dedicated Customer Services,

please email

or alternatively call us on

01903 703400.

Lines are open Mon-Fri, 8.30am-5pm.

Yours sincerely

Darren Jeffery Head of Customer Operations

smartestenergy business


Stock up on candles - torches - batteries - cooking oil and string as all can be used to light a room. Keep a few tins and jars of food stock and do not be caught out. Bread in the freezer. You know, be sensible or we simply do not wish to hear about it.


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