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LGBT+ people are still being sentenced to death, just because of who they are.

All Out was founded on the mission to work towards a world where NO ONE is persecuted because of who they are or who they love. This is a powerful, global movement that can accomplish a lot. And we desperately need your support again.

Sareh and Elham are young, lesbian activists from Iran who were recently sentenced to death because of their brave work to support LGBT+ lives.

Sareh was arrested when attempting to seek asylum by crossing the border into Turkey. She's only 31. Authorities forced confessions from other detainees against Sareh's friend, Elham, and used them to arrest her, too. She's just 24.

All Out has been working with organizations on the ground who are directly involved with Sareh and Elham's case. But we need your help to support our work today.

A very generous donor has committed to TRIPLING every donation that comes in with a match gift. That means your $50 gift automatically becomes $150 in funding for urgent fights like this.

Hamilton Hall donated £100 today - 29/09/22 and we work hard for our money and do not have spare cash to throw around and after I read this - I had to dig deep, as I do on a regular basis for LGBT people in homophobic countries needing help and it is the least any of us can do.

In 10 countries around the world, you can be put to death just because of who you love. Iran is one of those countries.

In recent years, we have seen some incredible, life-changing acts of solidarity from this beautiful All Out movement.

After the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, life became incredibly more dangerous for LGBT+ people, as homosexuality can be punished by death under Taliban rule.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of All Out members like you, we raised enough to provide 77 LGBT+ people stuck in Afghanistan with food, shelter, medication and clothes, and paid for the emergency relocation of 6 LGBT+ people.

Your collective donations literally save lives. Let's keep this incredible work going.

Thanks for going All Out


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