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A 'PREPPER' is someone who is prepared.

Imagine the picture.
Late 1930's - Somewhere in Europe. An old Jewish man saying to his family...' We are leaving. We are moving to America. Don't argue with me, we are packing up and going. End of conversation. ' and his family probably thought he was nuts.
Another household around the same time somewhere else.
' Mom, why are you stocking up on so much food ? We could live for a year on all this stuff and why are you hiding it in the cellar and attic and places. No ones going to break in and steal it, there's plenty In the shops.'
They probably thought Mom was loosing the plot.

Many people looked ahead and saved their families. They foresaw the dangers that were to come and prepared - either by stocking up on supplies or - better still - getting the hell out of Dodge. Some how they saw it coming. In the 1970's I met an old boy in his 80's who had every closet and every cupboard stuffed with food stocks as he had lived through the war and went hungry and couldn't buy food and lost members of his family in Europe during those times to starvation and now in the 70's he made sure he was well and truly stocked up after the experience he had gone through as a teenager.

PREPPER is the modern language used to describe someone who prepares in advance for a catastrophe - shortages - civil unrest and lockdowns - pandemics and so forth - although many think preppers are panic merchants - a fool - a nut - but these are also the people who know that we have endured almost 2 years of Covid 19 - and now that the shops are showing signs of strain with empty shelves and a lack of infrastructure to refill those shelves, and with global shortages forecast because of the pandemic slowing everything down to a crawl and ships being stuck in Suez - also backing everything up for months - petrol prices soaring and shortages - and where many are in lockdown / quarantine and many - quite simply - are skiving off work and claiming pay in the meantime and enjoying a free holiday - and many others are struggling financially and business' are closing never to re open.

The supply chain right back to the initial place various goods come from, are not producing as they have not got the basics to work with, so the whole chain comes to a halt. Wholesalers cannot buy what the farms or business has not produced. Lorry drivers cannot deliver what has not been made. Shops go without and then, so do we, and then many scream they are without even though the telly news has been telling everyone for months this is going to happen and many assume it to be fake news and that everything will be fine. It is the preppers, the panic buyers, who cause and create empty shelves, but that is not so, if you do not stock up now, then you are the fool and if and when you are without - while others are stocked up and comfortable, who - exactly - is to blame...? The person who stocked up while the shops were full and took the time and the stress going from shop to shop ensuring the family will not go without, or the lazy sod who assumes it is all fake and does nothing about stocking up and ignoring the danger clouds that look heavily above and in clear view - yet decides to ignore and do nothing ?

If you are a DO NOTHING person, then that is fine., Just do not start complaining and moaning if and when you are out of food or basic supplies you could have thought about and done something - yet you chose to do nothing and now have to pay the price.

It's not as if you will not use the stock you have bought. It doesn't go to waste. You may have 300 tolls of toilet paper but, unless you have a flood, will be used eventually for exactly what it was made for, wiping your ass - so why does it matter if you have 300 rolls - you paid for them - you took the time to buy them - so it is no one else's business as they could have done the same.

If I take the time and worry to stock up on food and someone else decides to do fuck all and do nothing, - if and when they find nothing in the shops and yet I have a house full of food, IT IS NOT MY CONCERN TO HELP THEM AS THEY HAVE NOT HELPED THEMSELVES - and they have exactly the same information, the same news , the same broadcasts telling us all what Is going on and if they choose to do nothing, then they must choose to go without if and when the shit hits the fan - but these are the people that the preppers feel obliged to help - but - WHY THE FUCK SHOULD THEY.

You only get out of life what you are prepared to put in and if you put fuck all into life, then when you get fuck all out of life, whose responsibility is that ?

In America the popular way of life is to always play the victim - ' it's not my fault - it was someone else - I am the victim here - Oh poor me ' - when the truth is very different - Americans love to blame someone else and not take responsibility for their own actions and that cowardice, that avoidance of reality - is absolutely childish and small minded - it is cowardice. I was raised that if I did something wrong, to take responsibility - and not try and get someone else blamed for my mistake as that is a very ugly way to behave - and if that's how someone acts, then they are scum,- absolute scum.

So with a winter ahead probably going to be a long and hard winter period, the last thing you want is to find yourself without during the cold and wet season - as even without in the summer is bad enough, but when the weather is freezing outside and things in short supply, doesn't it make sense to at least get a few things in - in case of emergencies ?

But remember, keep calm, do not panic, buy what you can afford and keep it safe and secure. If the heating goes off - the list above helps you know what to do to keep warm and besides, we are all grown ups and if you actually need to be told to get a few tins in and an extra blanket in case - then maybe you don't deserve saving at all.

If you do not think about your own safety, it is NOT up to anyone else.

ho is PREP[ARED.


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