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Quackery killed people

In 1927, sports playboy Eben Byersm fell from a train bed and injured his arm, which would have compromised his sporting and sexual performance. To relieve pain, a doctor prescribes him a drink called "Radithor". By coincidence or placebo, Byers' pain disappeared and he attributed the miraculous cure to the Radithor, which was essentially radium diluted in water. From that moment he became convinced of the benefits of the drink and began sending boxes of product to work colleagues and girlfriends.

The playboy even gave Radithor to his horses. He himself claimed to have drunk 1,400 15 ml bottles of the drink (which was expensive).

After a few years, he began to lose weight, have headaches, and many teeth began to fall out: Byers' entire upper jaw, except for two front teeth, and most of the lower jaw simply fell out.

All the bone tissue left in his body was disintegrating and holes were forming in his skull. He learned that his case was terminal only a few weeks before he died, at the age of 51, when only six of his upper teeth were still in his body.

After his death, many other doctors testified to the harmful effects of radiation, bidding farewell to the radioactive quackery industry. To minimize health risks to others, he had to be buried in a lead coffin.

The inventor of Radithor, however, insisted on the safety of his drink until his death from bladder cancer in 1949. When medical researchers exhumed his corpse 20 years later, they discovered that his bowels had been ravaged by radiation and that his remains were still warm.


JB Comments : Medical malpractice is still very common and there are thousands of cases of REAL quackery. Just look at how Trump told the people of America to ingest and inject disinfectant and bleach into their bodies as a cure all against Covid - - and this coming from the President of the USA ??? Absolute witchcraft quackery.

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