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RAF tortured gay man; Sex crazed 'gay' aged 190, dies & More...


‘Disgraceful’ Met Police must be overhauled, damning IOPC report finds The report found Met Police officers joked about rape and Sent racist and homophobic messages as ‘banter’



Iran’s regime executed two men based on anti-gay charges

Iran’s regime frequently uses the charge of sodomy to impose the death penalty on gays and lesbians. CLICK HERE

Jonathan the blind, gay, sex-crazed giant tortoise is now the oldest to have ever lived. CLICK HERE
'Is Boris going to pay £1600 too?' asks Stanley mum as bailiff comes to claim her son's lockdown fine. CLICK HERE
Postmen stagger in street after 'accidentally eat HASH BROWNIES'. CLICK HERE

Johnson’s hypocrisy and lies are emblematic of the British establishment. CLICK HERE

Women-only yoga trip in Kuwait slammed as ‘danger’ to society by MP. CLICK HERE

25% of Americans are more likely to contemplate violent protest against the government.

1 in 4 of those asked believe violence to be 'definitely' or 'probably' a justified action against the government and this number has doubled in the last decade.

People are sick and tired of the same old bullshit and lies fed us by Prime Ministers and Presidents who lie to the people and the mass of people are not fools and are sick of being treated as such by T-T-T-Trump and B-B-B- Bumbling B-B-B-Boris... to say nothing about those who rule over the EU and their bumbling incompetence over the Covid Vaccine - and so much more.

There seems to be only lies and deceit coming out of most governments these days and we - the people - are treated as fools, as imbeciles who don't understand and we are patronised with big words and complicated sounding ideas that are force fed to the people to confuse, - not clarify - but to confuse so we will, out of ignorance - leave them to it.

But the people have had enough bullshit lies. The people want the truth.

The people want honesty .

The people do not trust governments to have their best interest in mind but the best interest of their own position / job, their political party and their own bank accounts and NOT that of the people who put them there at all.

Too many poor. Too many wealthy who pay little tax - like Ikea being a global charity to avoid paying billions in taxes - and we the people let them get away with it and moan about Amazon, but forget just how deep and how close to our high street this kind of legal corruption goes. It may be legal, but morally it is appalling.

We live in dangerous times.

We live in interesting times.

We live - and we need to take control and make things right.



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