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Religious leader claims COVID vaccine turns people gay

Religious leader claims COVID vaccine turns people gay

And it's all part of Bill Gates's plot to "cull global population."

A popular rabbi is claiming that the vaccine for COVID-19 “could make you gay.

The haredi Rabbi Daniel Asor said in a rant on social media translated by Israel Hayom that “any vaccine made using an embryonic substrate, and we have evidence of this, causes opposite tendencies. “Vaccines are taken from an embryonic substrate, and they did that here, too, so… it can cause opposite tendencies,” he continued.

Asor also said that a “global malicious government” that includes Bill Gates, the Freemasons, and the Illuminati. The virus was part of this government’s plan to “cull global population,”

and the vaccine is as well because it’ll turn everyone gay.

In response, the Israeli LGBTQ organization Havruta said they are “currently gearing up to welcome our new impending members.”

The idea that the COVID-19 vaccine is made from aborted fetuses is a myth being spread on social media. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are not made from fetal cells, while other vaccines that have been developed use cells grown in laboratories from fetal cell lines that have been around for decades. And the idea that vaccines developed from fetal cell lines could turn a straight person gay is “about as ridiculous as claiming that eating a pickled herring could make you pregnant,” said Michael Barnett of Aleph Melbourne, a Jewish LGBTQ organization in Australia.

“It’s alarming to hear such ignorance and nonsense being peddled by a Rabbi to his community, particularly in the middle of a pandemic.”

Rabbi Asor’s statements are far from mainstream in Israel, which has been vaccinating its population at a higher rate than any other country in the world. And Jewish authorities have been broadly supportive of vaccination and other measures taken in response to the global pandemic.

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John Bellamy Comments Below:

( whose that old man pictured here - OMG it's JB ... )

It saddens me when people come out with such clap trap, such garbage and nothing more than a complete distortion of the truth, such blatant ramblings of a scared little boy ranting against the bogey man and such lies that any man of the cloth - of any religion or belief system, lies in the face of his maker - his Lord, His God, His Eternal Spirit and lies to destroy other peoples lives, destroy the truth, destroy the hope of millions and destroys any faith we may have in the likes of this cowardly ignorant ranting scared little boy - ranting that a medication for a global pandemic might make you gay.

Any God this man chooses to follow - would be ashamed - appalled and alarmed that any one of His / Her

creations can so damn another, so cause and create harm for another, can take away someons belief structure and turn it into a tool to get attention for themselves at the cost of anothers soul,- to me - is the most evil - the most corrupted, the most unenlightened and the most Un Godly thing / person and while claiming to be doing God's work - BELIEV ME - THEY ARE NOT.

They like to talk about groups of people having hidden agendas like how the gay community wants to take over the world and turn everyone gay - etc. and these nut jobs - thes elunatics, these moroins with shit for brains and these bigoted scared little boiys throwing their toys out of the pram while showing exactly what it is they fear the most - THEIR OWN SELVES AND THE FACT THAT ALL TOO OFTEN - THEY ARE GAY THEMNSELVES AND SCARED SHITLESS OF BEING FOUND OUT - so turn on the very people they so envy - fancy - fear - admire - resent - and will cause nothing but trouble with this kind of moronic claim that a drug will tun you from a pussy lover to a butt hole lover... is just childish talk. Why anyone even gives these people any attention is beyond me and why we just don't turn away and say ' Fucking moron' and ignore, is because there will always be someone who will believe this tripe and someone who will want to garner attention by making this kind of garbage public and the attention it receives is mostly from dummies who believe such crap, or people like me who read it and cannot believe anyone with even a 6 year olds intelligence would believe such garbage.

I find this kind of statement anti God and anti anything and dangerous.

It's clap trap.


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