Resist the urge to rush back to normal

Resist the urge to rush back to normal as the world has changed and you need to adapt.

Take a second to focus on what you want your new life is going to be when the world gets back to some kind of normality - remembering that it could be years before we recover from this pandemic and maybe for decades to come we may never fully recover - financially - emotionally - sexually and more importantly mentally. Life may not be what someone else thinks it should be—or even what you think it “should” be and it is up to us all as individuals to figure out what is the most meaningful in your life and concentrating on that and not the pains of the past.

Easier said than done.

Keep in mind that there are more choices for what you want your life to look like than either “how things were” (prepandemic) or “how they are now” - as any future will always depend on you - and me - and each other - but YOUR world relies on where you decide to steer your journey and what you choose to concentrate on - or not.

The pandemic has changed the whole world, so chances are it changed you and the people around you. This may be

the moment to talk with your managers and colleagues about new ways to do things at work - whether continuing working from home or making changes if you start returning to ' the office' etc.

The same applies with your relationships with friends and family. Chances are you have not seen them in quite a while and there will be a lot to catch up on and remember, we have all been involved and we have all sufferd in one way or another so do not assume your story more important than any one elses - so do not hog the spotlight as it will bite you in the arse and people will ignore you as selfish and uncaring of others.

You may also be more motivated to get out and do things, like hike—or hike really far—when you see social-media posts by friends who are doing it. Scans have shown that a part of the brain called the ventral striatum, which plays a role in pleasure and reward, lights up like a firefly when we outperform someone else. But if your performance is giving you anxiety, it might be time to drop the comparisons with everyone else and focus on outperforming yourself.

Holidays abroad seem to be off the menu for at least another year - unless you really want to be crammed into a plane with hundreds of others and despite having the vaccine, many - MANY - will not feel safe in close contact with others for a very long time and this could take decades to get over as we adapt to the new normal.

Selfishness will not surfuce.

Being aware of others is th way forward.

Being supprtive of others.

Being supportive of ourselves also.

Take on board that we are all in this together and be one with humanity and realise you are not an island all alone, you are part of a larger family - humankind.

Take your time - as while we feel we have lost a year - you are still eating, shitting, breathing, and it is up to you - NO ONE ELSE - where you choose and how you choose to start again - to et back to work - family life - dinner parties - the pub,m entertainment and even church ( if you must ) and rekindle old friendships hurt by this devestating panedmic and be thankful for evetryone who has survived.

Take yout time. Do not rush to make decisions for yur future. See where the world, your job, your elationships are headed and do not try and steer in a direction that only suits you - remember - there are others going along for the ride and you are not alone.










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