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Retired maybe, needing some extra cash ?

I read an article this week about how many people over the age of 55 are unemployed and although applying for jobs, cannot find employment and are now broke and feel useless after a lifetime of being self sufficient and with money in their pockets. Now reduced to social welfare and living of money from the state, many find it hard to cope and have no spare cash for any luxuries, just about strugling on Universal Credits and help from friends.

If there are any gay men out there - maybe retirement age - who have lost their jobs or are even retired and are in need of some extra cash - and an excuse to get out and mix with some fellow gay men of a ' certain age' and where you can enjoy some company - Hamilton Hall is always looking for part time cleaners, handy men, guys with common sense and when given a job - know it will be done efficiently and on time and not have to have me chasing around behind them to get the work done - as is the case with so many younger people coming into the workplace.

If you are local and free 2 mornings a week - extra if and when - for a well paid casual labour here in a men only naked hotel, then get in touch and believe me, tens of thousands around the world will envy you - tens of thousands of people will see it as a fantasy job, tens of thousands can only dream and tens of thousand are persecuted for being gay and here we are living the gay mans dream that tens of thousands envy.

Hamilton Hall has always offered help to thousands over the years be it financially, emotionally supporting, offering free counselling, free holidays and so much more and many - and I mean MANY have turned their lives around and found something they felt they had lost and we at Hamilton Hall takes great comfort in this.

We will continue offering help as many need that extra friend, that extra £ and that extra knowing they are not alone and whether in the UK, in Europe or some war torn country hounding gays like Russia and Afghanistan, we are here and we are not going anywhere and if we can be of assistance in some small way, then please just ask.

This is a dream job.

We have helped so many people over the years and had so many young guys work here who - to be honest - are fucking useless. Given a job that should take 30 minutes - to find they have hardly started an hour later and when finnished, the job is half done and I could have done it myself in a 1/4 of the time and as an employer, it astounds how these guys think they will ever achieve anything in life when they cannot even hoover or dust or do fuck all ON TIME and now waste hours pissing into the wind. And all the while, I am paying them good money.

I work hard for my money and will always be very generous and will always offer help and support but when I am taken for a fool, or when staff do not get that the job has to be done NOW and NOT when it suits them, as being an hotel, we have time scales to work to, it never fails to amaze how these people cope in life as so often they do not get it - their GET UP AND GO HAS GOT UP AND GONE and they saunter around aimless. Lost.




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