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Rightwing pundit warns listeners about “hypnosis” adult content that’s turning men trans

He said he couldn't even research it because he was afraid of being turned transgender himself.

By Alex Bollinger Friday, April 28, 2023

( JB - Even the title makes me want to puke at this man...)

Daily Wire host Michael Knowles said on yesterday’s Michael Knowles Show that there is “hypnosis porn” out there that will turn cisgender men into transgender women if they watch it.

Knowles said that he was afraid to even research this kind of porn while preparing his show, lest he himself be hypnotized and turned into a trans woman.

“I don’t even want to look into because I have been told — and then I’ve read on different for a — that talk about this phenomenon, that there is a kind of pornography that is, apparently, a driver of the transgender identity that is so perverse,” Knowles said, “that it, it, it constitutes a kind of hypnosis where men will say, ‘I was a normal guy, I lived to be 41, 42, and I was basically normal. But then I fell into this kind of pornography and it essentially melted my brain. I had a nervous breakdown. Now I think that I’m a woman.'”

Knowles then said he would “have to go to confession, potentially my brain gets melted” as potential consequences of watching this hypnosis porn.

Knowles got national attention last month when he said, Transgenderism must be eradicated,” at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). His comments were widely criticized as supporting genocide.

Several weeks later, an old film from when Knowles was trying — and failing — to get an acting career garnered attention online. In the film, Knowles played a bisexual college student, complete with a sex scene with another male actor.

But now he’s hosting a radio show with guest Genevieve Gluck of the anti-transgender Reduxx Magazine, who explained more about hypnosis porn.

“There are many types of pornography that are, sort of, involved with the transgender movement,” she said. “But hypnosis pornography is a little bit different in that it incorporates your lifestyle.

“So typically when we think of pornography, we think of it as something that is passive that you’re, sort of, watching. But this type, it asks you to sort of change your behavior, change the way you dress, even to start taking hormones, Gluck said.

She then said that she has been “mocked” for saying that trans people have been hypnotized into believing that they are trans, but that didn’t stop her from warning the anti-choice right-wing pundit about it.

“And it’s sometimes called ‘sissy hypno,'” she said. “So that’s short for sissification hypnosis pornography. And, you know, I myself, I have personally been somewhat mocked for the suggestion that this is having a powerful impact on men. However, trans activists themselves will say things like it influenced them.”

Gluck said that hypnosis porn contains “repeated mantras, counting down, and probably some of the worst, most regressive stereotypes about women that you can possibly imagine.”

She said that hypnosis porn has a narrator who tells people, “‘You are a dumb bimbo slut, you want to be a girl, you want to be a bimbo,’ you know, just all of that sort of terrible insulting and degrading terminology and language.” Hearing this makes men believe they are women somehow.


John Bellamy Comments

What absolutely astounds me, - is that an educated man can come out with something as absurdly untrue and dumb, and people believe him. It is absolute make believe - complete rubbish - yet it makes headlines. What should happen is when people come out with such obvious garbage, people should turn away and ignore, turn their backs and see it for what it is;- manipulative clap trap designed to destroy through hate and fear and condemn a whole community through lies.

The fear is his, as why else is this man ' on a mission' if not to hide his own sexually fucked up attitude towards his own queerdom - or unless it is simply done to garner attention and votes and then - who the fuck cares whose lives you destroy when you are building your own little empire.

It seems politicians and those in the media do not care about the truth any more.

As long as it garners a larger audience and more votes. To hell with who it destroys.

Here in Europe and the UK, we must watch out for this coming our side of the pond as we all know that the craziness of the USA eventually makes its way around the world. Look at Russia, Poland and Hungary - all who have draconian anti LGBT Laws they have re introduced in the last few years and are headed backwards in their fight against anyone and anything that progresses a country forward. By attacking the LGBT Community, it is very reminiscent of how the Nazi's behaved in WW2 with the hunt against the Jews and the misinformation branded about in order to mis educate the people to fear the Jews and so aid in the Nazi hunt for them.

If I came out with stuff like this people would just turn away and think me absolutely nuts - and they would be right, yet in the USA it seems that the most outlandish the claim, the more dummies believe it and are willing to murder in order to free the world from such evil, when the actual evil is the one spewing such misinformation and lies in the first place. They are the ones who are destroying democracy - just as Hitler tried to do in WW2.

The Republicans in their determination to cling to power are determined to destroy democracy in order to make Trump president for life and to govern through fear and intimidation - oh an MASSIVE tax cuts for the rich and make the poor suffer enormously.

And it is - C R A Z Y.





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