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Rules on semi-naked men in shops and supermarkets during heatwave

What we wear - or don't wear - to the our local shop can sometimes spark controversy. From wearing your PJS and slippers to a late night milk run, to wearing...well, nothing at all.

You will often see women wearing bikini tops and shorts, or men wearing no top at all.

But what are the rules for men who choose to go topless in a shop? With today (Friday, June 17) set to be the hottest day of the year so far, as temperatures climb to 30°C in some parts of the country, it is worth knowing exactly where you stand before daring to bare all.

Believe it or not, it is not actually a legal offence to be naked in public. However, this is only the case if there is no intention to shock or upset other people - which could be difficult to prove if you are caught stark naked in the middle of town!

But men should be safe to wander about topless, as it is clear that - when the sun is raging overhead - the intention is to remain cool, not to offend. Still, some shops have their own rules about whether or not you can go in topless.

In terms of the law, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) says that every case should be taken into account on individual merit and that it is not usually an offence to be naked in public, provided there is the absence of sexual content. There must also clearly be no intention to cause alarm or distress to others,

The CPS says: "Naturism is used to describe the activities of persons who espouse nudity as part of their lifestyle. In the case of naturism a balance needs to be struck between the naturist's right to freedom of expression and the right of the wider public to be protected from harassment, alarm and distress.

"Although every case should be considered according to its own facts and merits in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors, a consistent approach to naturism should be adopted to maintain public confidence in the CPS. In the absence of any sexual context and in relation to nudity where the person has no intention to cause alarm or distress it will normally be appropriate to take no action unless members of the public were actually caused harassment, alarm or distress (as opposed to considering the likelihood of this)."

So, men can feel free to wander about with no top on at least, but do not be surprised if you are turned away from a local shop, cafe or bar. Management of private premises are permitted to make up their own rules, so you may be turned away from some places - or asked to put on a shirt.

John Bellamy Comments

When a man gets naked it is very easy for many to get a stiffy, This is not always because they are horny but as a matter of fact that they are not use to being naked and the feeling of your ' junk' bouncing around sometimes gives a stiffy. It is quite natural.

After a while, and this needs you to ignore your stiffy and not start playing with it or attempting to show it off to others - it will go down and you can get on as usual.

Trouble is - and we do get it here - some men believe that they have something very special between their legs and unless enormous, is exactly - or much the same, as everyone else's and no big deal but to some, it is a big deal and they act really inappropriately - and this is childish behaviour... but then ... most men when it comes to sex are quite immature and adolescent and many when they get a stiffy, it is as if it has taken all the blood from the brain and it is not the pecker that is running the show and not the brain.

Many men as soon as they get naked their hand goes straight to their dick and balls and fumble fumble is fine in a sexual setting like a sauna but not on a naturist beach or in a naturist setting as open displays of sex can be really offensive to some - annoying and just childish to others.

But then, whoever said men were mature when it comes to sex- as on the whole, many are not.

So behave if entering a naturist setting and keep your hands away from your ' p[ride and joy' and behave and if you want sex, take it to your room where you are welcome to climb the walls as far as I am concerned and jolly good luck to you, it's just that others are not interested and do not seed to see it.


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