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'Run by a mad man'

'Enquired about booking a sex party at the venue (which did not seem unreasonable as it is an adult only nudist venue) and have been subjected to a barrage of abuse and threats from the owner. NB I did not even get to book my party at the venue but have put March 2021 as this was when the encounter took place.'


This above, is a recent re-written review on Hamilton Hall on Trip Advisor - and after I complained about his first version being against Trip Advisor Terms & Conditions, it was taken down, and he replaced it with this calmer one - above - and below is my response which I hope Trip Advisor doesn't complain about.

He also wanted an ' open door policy' where people would find out about the ' party ' and just turn up - go straight to his room and fuck his brains out with absolutely no idea who they were or where they are from and no respect for security within my venue - no respect at all, and there is no way in hell I would ever allow complete strangers to wander around without some idea, some reservation made, to know exactly who they are.

If a guest brings home a 'friend' for the evening or even an hour - I expect the guest to be responsible at all times - and when strangers are coming and going while this moron lies with his fat ass in the air uncaring who is fucking him... I DO CARE AND I WILL WORRY AND I WILL NEVER ALLOW THIS.

His distorted sense of reality sure proves one thing - he is mentally unstable.

To even assume a venue would allow such a thing is showing how small his mind is, how small his world is and how he craves sex and holds absolutely no respect for Covid or the dangers at play.

My response is below:-



Outstanding that this ' man ' thinks it okay to book any kind of party when the entire country is STILL in lockdown for Covid 19 and this denier clearly intends putting himself and my staff all at risk .


He wanted a party in March 2021 - when ALL hotels were closed to tourists until May 17th 2021 - BY ORDER OF THE GOVERNMENT - as I told him, and he was not a happy bunny. BOY - he was not a happy bunny.

In the early 1980's when the gay community had its own pandemic - AIDS - many changed their lifestyle because there was a deadly virus out there and those that did not - those who assumed they could do whatever they wanted - those who continued having sex and could not abstain - have been dead for decades, while I am still alive and well because I adapted my lifestyle back then and stayed healthy.

Some simply could not behave even knowing the dangers invloved.

Now here we are decades later and this time a global pandemic - Covid - and this denier assumes he can do what he wants, where he wants - and then puts this on Trip Advisor when he meets someone who is not afraid of him, not afraid to speak up and read the riot act at him for wanting to put us all at risk because he wants sex.

It really is childish immature behaviour.

I am gobsmacked he actually complained and hasn't hidden his head is absolute shame - for he sets a very bad example for people to follow.

I have absolutely no regreets AT ALL for telling this man off and I would do EXACTLY the same again to anyone who thinks they can put my life at risk and that of others during a deadly period where everyone has been affected and where many are suffering badly - lonely - missing family - no sex - no bars - nothing open - yet he thinks he is different and can do what he wants.

How arrogant and he is definately barred from Hamilton Hall as we take the protection of our guests VERY HIGH and have spent a fortune of preventative measures for when we do re open, and everyone will be screened and checked for health and where we have numerous Health Stations throughout Hamilton Hall - as it is the sensible and adult way forward.

Anyone asking me to put myself, my staff and my guests in a dangerous position, will also be told exactly the same and I shall not be so polite as on here. Believe me.

John Bellamy


Your responses to this are invited.





Some of your responses:

Absolutely shocking John. Truly appalling. I feel for you . Ralph.

Who is this awful man. We need to know so we can all avoid this kind of trash. Bobby.

This man clearly has a mental health problem John and you are best off without him. We all want sex, we all want so much, but we behave and good for you for reading the riot act at him. Top marks John. Robert B.

I am shocked. Read your piece with my mouth open in shock. WTF does he think he is doing. What kind of fool is he. Good for you John. Totally behind you here and well done on your survival skills and continuing survival skills. Paul.

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