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Rush Limbaugh celebrated the deaths of gay men from AIDS on his radio show

His "celebratory moments when another AIDS victim died" were even set to Dionne Warwick's "I'll Never Love This Way Again."

Far-right radio host Rush Limbaugh made it his life’s work since the 1980’s to make American conservatives more reactionary and hateful. A cigar smoker who denied it was harmful, he died today at age 70 of lung cancer.

John Bellamy Comments:

Apologies, but I feel very little sorrow when I hear about an evil man dying and taking his bile with him.

When someone spends their lives filled with hate: - and when they throw that hate at innocent people:- and when that hate causes emotional and physical turmoil for others:- and when it becomes a mission for someone in an important position of educating the public through his radio show and uses that stage to spread fear and hatred - then that person deserves eveyrything that is coming their way - and if you smoke cigars and state publicly that they are not harmful - sending a very loud message to the public that much of what we are told is a lie ( smoking is harmless ) then when the cigars end up giving you lung cancer and you die accordingly, then I hope the reverse message is sent to the public that YOU WERE WRONG.


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