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Russians can be cute, but don't trust them - X RATED

Hey John,

Sending you my photos. I tried to take the photo in such a way as to show my interest in you. I really appreciate getting to know you, it is a great honor for me to have a dialogue with you. I have to hide the fact that I like men. I'm gay in disguise. My name is Maksim, I am 25 years old, my height is 178 cm, weight is 71 kg. I was raised by my grandmother in the village. Now I live alone in the city of Ufa. I am free and alone. I have no partner. I am interested in strong friendship, and even more than friendship. I want to have communication with you, with a man older than me. Because you won't be frivolous and you need more than sex. It is easy for me to communicate with a man of your age, I feel more comfortable. First of all in the relationship between a man - I value respect, patience, understanding.
I will wait for your answer...

John Bellamy Comments: This is not the first time I have received e mails from Russia and not the first time it appears to come from a cute young lad who claims to be gay, into older men and just wants to be friends.

I spoke at length with someone else a while ago from Russia and although I knew it was a con, I went along with it and wrote and made ( fake ) friends with the guy and he asked for money - eventually - which I was expecting and gave me his home address to send it to - which I immediately checked out of google earth.

The address was fake as it was a factory.

I told him I knew he was full of shit and that I had only been leading him on and the emails stopped instantly.

So I was right - these e mails are cons and after money so do not be taken in if you get one.

I answered this one above by stating I knew how homophobic Russia was and would he like to write and tell me all about gay life in Russia and how it is changing, and I shall see if he actually replies or not.

I MOST CERTAINLY am NOT about to trust this man and NO WAY am I sending money as sorry for him as I may feel, real or fake. I work damned hard for my money and am NOT about to be conned out of it by some thief in Russia. GUARANTEED - the pictures are NOT of him...

Trouble is - Is it him ? Is he genuine ? Is he desperate for foreign gay friends and a way out of Russia - and am I being hard and callous.

What do you think ?



Santander - my bank - allowed two years ago - a Moscow Taxi Cab Company to charge my card with two amounts - £35 and £45 and the bank did not stop it and allowed it to go through - SO MUCH FOR THEIR APPS THAT SPOT ILLEGAL ACTIVITY - and the cab company themselves repaid the monies before 3 days was though and about the time I noticed the illegal payments - so clearly even they knew it was fake - and my bank - FUCK ALL.

Santander even refused me the pennies difference in exchange rates caused by THEIR MISTAKE IN THE FIRST PLACE.


People we were raised to trust and to go to if we - as children - got lost.

A policeman A Vicar / Priest An adult working in a shop A school teacher

and basically back in the 50's and 60's if a child was lost they approached almost any adult for help - and got it - whereas today kids are warned never to approach a stranger even if lost, and as we cannot trust the police, the vicar - or anyone any more, what a sad story this sends out that children are taught never to trust anyone - and even family members are often the pedophile who abuses, so what chance do vulnerable children have these days.

Was it like this in the 50's and 60's. Were many children who were evacuated during the war, put in harms way with abusive people ? It mist have happened and happen a lot more than we will ever know as it was kept quiet in those days and wasn't spoken of at all. Times have changed - some for the better and some - questionably so.





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