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Scrabble Weekend - DATE CHANGE - October 1st - 3rd 2021

During this recent lockdown that - for us - started at New Year 2021 and has continuesd all year so far ( we re open May 17th ) Gary and I started playing Scrabble and we have had some thoroughly enjoyable evenings, just the two of us, and where he knows about my superior ilntellect and how I always win ( ha ha ... some joke ... we are actually very well matched ) and it was his idea to host a weekend for Scrabble players and see if we can have a fun weekend where. Probably more a winter weekend in the warm and the dry.

The big winnewr will win the price of his weekend away.

The June date has been block booked.

NEW DATE October 1st - 3rd 2021

Want an easy relaxed weekend playing Scrabble and winning prizes...

The ultimate prize is the cost of your weekend refunded to the BIG WINNER

£150 with BB&EM


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