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Sex Work

When I was London's Top Sex Worker between 1985 and 2000 - it never failed to amaze me how many people are fascinated - awe struck - at how sex workers manage to ' perform' on time and when needed and how we put up with those we do not fancy while still managing to ' do the dirty deed.' It also amazes many how we put up with bad manners, smelly bodies, cheesey foreskins, shitty asses and arrogance beyone your wilders dreams.

You would be ASTOUNDED at the COMPLETE lack of thought towards the sex worker by some who assume a shitty ass and smelly body is acceptable and that as the sex worker is being paid, they will put up with anything -





It's unnacceptable behaviour.

For a start ;-

With £150 ( 1990 prices ) in your pocket at the end of an hours work - this is an incentive to give as best you can.

With being able to earn 2 or 3 times the National Average Take Home Hourly wage - and yet you are aso taking that home 24 hours a day and not the 9 - 5 with an hour off for lunch - means you are earning 3 or 4 times more than most people.

With the freedom to work when you want - earn what you want and when - and be free of asshole bosses telling you what to do while not having a clue themselves - With the freedom of no commuting to work - and as much time for your self as you want - it was a great lkife.

Mind you - JEALOUS - ENVIOUS - VINDICTIVE - RESENTFUL gay men are on mass if and when you have something - do something - or are someone - they resent, are envious and / or jealous of - and many on the gay scene while being fascinated with sex work, are pissed jealous that they are too old, too fat, too small a dick, too fat an ass - or anything they feel makes them unworthy of selling their body for sex - and it could be just that they are too much like ' the guy next door ' - and if you are going to pay hundreds of £ for a shag - you do not want someone who looks like the kid next door but more like a super star - someone with something bigger - harder - tighter - hairier or smoother - slimmer and more toned - someone who will share an intelligent conmversation with yoiu - listen to your problems and even offer a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on and someone who shows an interest and helps in more than just a shag.

Many cleints may have come for a shag - and they got their shag - and often when dressing after a shower at the end - this was the time when the real reason for their visit would be shared - as while dressing clients would chat about their lives, wives, kids, jobs, problems and THIS was when I often invited them to stay for a cuppa - and with bewildered expressions of disbelief that the sex worker wanted the client to actually stay and chat some more - this was the time when some true healing would be shared and the client would leave eventually a changed man - not from the shag - but having someone to hear them - to listen and to comprehend and show some solidarity and undersatanding and in many cases, some advise that could and would benefit them enormously - and it took so little - just to show some humanity - some understanding, which sadly the gay community is sorely lacking in - and when you have taken the time to put yourself out to help others, the rewards are huge.

Mind you - You get bitched and belittled by those who do not know you.

You get hate mail from complete strangers you have never met or spoken to.

You get accusations thrown at you and all sorts - and all because they so envy - are so jealous - and are so pissed that you have the freedom and the looks to sell you body for sex and this absolutely pisses them off - because they would LOVE to do the same themselves but have made other life choices and hate you for yours.

As a sex worker I found some on the gay scene and especially many from within the gay media, to be vile. Absolutely vile. Resentful, bitchy faggots who put the rest of us to shame.

You can earn a fortune and while I always claimed my income and was probably the only gay sex worker at the time to actually be legit and pay tax etc. some vile queens tried threatening to go to the authorities and report that no tax was being collected - and these vile faggots always got their come-uppance - as I did pay tax and all it did was backfire on them and they got into trouble when others found out about what they had done, as tax inspectors do examine those who make a comlaint - and if you are not whiter than white, then it will be you in the dock and not the person you are complaining about.

After tens of thousands of clients, I never caught a thing. Still HIV Negative and nothing - no crabs - no NSU, nothing, and I do pat myself on the back and thank the Angels for keeping me safe.

Running a gay mens hotel, as I do at Hamilton Hall, is kinda the same as being a sex worker as you still get the hate mail and the resentment and envious jealous men who are often married with kinds ' grandkids and who have lived and continue to live a life that is ONE BIG FAT LIE AFTER ANOTHER and they SO RESENT the out gay man who has been out since 15 years of age, was a sex worker ( envy envy ) and has lived an out gay lifestyle ( envy envy ) and done his own thing ( resent resent ) and answers to no one ( jealousy galore...)

You get the picture ?

These are the men who destroy the gay community and these are the men who make up a sex workers client base, and the double standards held and shoved into peoples faces by these guys is disgraceful and dangerous. It is not straight men we need to fear, but homosexual men who claim to be straight and married with kids... and who resent and so turn bitchy and antagonistic and cause and create all sorts of problems.

Having sex with between 3 - 9 guys a day was easy. It is like show time. Another performance. Another show. This is live entertainment with audiance participation, and each show is slightly different but - usually - with the same ending... and any decent and good sex worker who knows what a client wants and what anyone poaying for sex wants, is NOT just sex - is NOT just the physical and is NOT just about physicality - it is about so much more. A connection - a reaching oiut - a being there for someone and being there to loisten - to hear - to be more - and that's why I earned so much money, was such a popular and busy escort and why so many were saddenned when I retired and came to open Hamilton Hall.

Mind you, nothing much has changed except I do not have sex with my clients any more. The rest, the time, the caring, the sharing, the friendship offered and the first class service, is all the same and hence how and why after 20 years HamiltonHall is still here, still surviving and still one of the most talked about gay mens hotel venues in the UK, spoken off with great affection and unlike many of the tacky and dirty gay hotels - and it seems, the person many would look down upon, is the one who shows many how and what to do - anything - with style and class and not just by being common and a low life. How your B&B can be better, offer more, be more, feel more and it takes a person many look down on to show the rest how to behave, how to run a business and how to be a decent human being.

Damn the sex worker - out of fear and ignorance - and look in the mirror and ask yourself who does more for others freely and with no stringe attached - Whg pays for more free holidays for the needy every year - Who gives freely of his time to help and aid others with their promlems who ONLY looks after themselves and does fuck all for others as they are so wrapped up in their own little lives to even notice others - let aone actually help.


Now - who is the better person ?


Sex work is not for everyone.

Sex work is very emotionally draining.

Sex work takes it out of your mind, body and soul.

Sex work means you have to put up with ignorant attitude from others.

Having said all that. Times have changed.

The internet has / is destroying the LGBTQ Community as we all meet ' on line'; and not in bars or saunas so all these are closing.

Gay hotels the same.

With hundreds of people advertising themselves for sex on the internet - MOST GET NO BUSINESS AT ALL - OR VERY LITTLE - and one guy recently bitched me by saying he was VERY busy as a sex worker - so I asked how busy - and he tole me he was seeing between 5 - 6 client. I was astounded and asked if he meant a day - and he laughed and said

' Of course not, don't be silly, that's 5 - 6 clients a week,'

That's when I laughed and stated that 20 years ago I was doing between 3 - 9 clients EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK, 52 WEEKS A YEAR... so he is not busy - oh he may assume he is busy but when you have experienced busy as I have done for 15 years, days, weeks months and years later;- Now THAT is busy...

Many these days haven;t a clue. They may be pretty or built, but it needs more than just good looks and a big dick.

Sadly, many are crap at sex and have not learned their craft and many will end up really fucked up from the business and sadly, will be a fuck up for a long time. It is the client who messes with you - not the sex ,but the head trips many play, and any sex worker not strong emotionally will end up drowning and sadly, I have known many who did just that and no amount of aid from others can help, as sometimes, they have been drowning for too long, and it does sadden me.

It's not an easy business. It can pay well and it has many against you out of envy.

And we do know exactly why some are against - don't we ?


John Bellamy

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