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Shirtless body builder in a kilt working hard showing off his body while making a Lean-To.

Building a Primitive Bushcraft Shelter - Stone Roofed Lean-To, lost in the woods.

Found this on youtube the

other night late and it was really worth watching. Not just for how to build a lean-to, but more for watching this hunk with washboard abs to die for - working hard and knowing that under that kilt, swinging free in the forest air, was - his manhood. It's quite a sexy watch and I am sure he must have one hell of a large gay following if this video is anything to go by and as straight as he may be, ( I have no idea ... ) who do you think watches a half naked man working in the woods building a lean-to - in just a kilt ??? Women or gay men ?

Greenbrier Bushcraft

Subscribers: 77k Views: 7m Videos: 3

At Greenbrier Bushcraft we combine primitive living skills, stone age technology, traditional woodsmanship and modern bushcraft with the sole focus of long-term wilderness living. Our goal is to explore every possible means to live well in the wilds on a permanent basis with minimal use of modern gear. We're located on a 300 acre wooded property in the Appalachian Mountains near the Greenbrier & New Rivers in West Virginia. The land is its own watershed and features many creeks, ponds and springs. Game is plentiful and living is easy. This past winter we've embarked on a year-long wilderness living project. As the channel grows our first investment will be in high quality cameras, microphones and a decent computer so that our production value rivals what you'd find on television. Until then we'll keep going with what we got and keep shooting.

These kind of videos are very popular are there are so many different people doing this kind of thing on youtrube but this guy above is new, and makes for very good eye candy throughout - which I am sure is why he works with his shirt off - he aint a fool. Have a watch. It is easy watching. Peaceful. Calm. Non violent and with no murders, no car chases, no screaming women or children, no police syrens - just a hot man alone in the woods building his own lean-to - and the fantasy is right there for you. Make your own up... it's inside your head after all...


Then this one >>>

is less eye candy unless you fancy smooth orientals, and his calmness during the work is amazing.

John Bellamy

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