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Shocking news for Russian LGBT: & The Gay Agenda.

Shocking news from Russia:
On April 21, a judge in St. Petersburg shut down Charitable Foundation Sphere, the legal entity under which the Russian LGBT Network operates.

The network works to promote and protect the rights of LGBT+ people in Russia. During the anti-LGBT+ crackdown in Chechnya that began in 2017, the network led efforts to stop abuses and evacuate survivors.

The Russian authorities are using a baseless claim that helping LGBT+ people is against traditional Russian values.

The team of Sphere has declared it will resist and continue providing legal, psychological and emergency assistance to the LGBT+ community, and do everything possible to ensure that this work continues without interruption, regardless of the legal status of their team.

But they will need your support.

Urge the Russian authorities to revoke this decision NOW by signing and sharing this petition.


Russian court fines Tik-Tok & Instagram for ‘Gay Propaganda’

Instagram and Tik-Tok were guilty of violating the Russian Federation’s law that bans discussions or information regarding LGBTQ+ people

MOSCOW, Russia – The Tagansky Court of Moscow ruled Tuesday that social media platforms Instagram and Tik-Tok were guilty of violating the Russian Federation’s law that bans discussions or information regarding LGBTQ+ people or community known as the ‘Gay Propaganda Law.’

In the case against Tik-Tok, Judge Timur Vakhrameev found TikTok guilty under Part 2 of Art. 13.41 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (“Non-deletion by the site owner of information if the obligation to delete is provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation”) for violating the tenets of the Gay Propaganda law requiring deletion of the offending materials.

Vakhrameev fined the social network 2 million rubles, which is roughly equivalent to $27,000 U.S. dollars.

In another case the court found that Meta, parent company of Instagram, had also violated “Part 2 of Article 13.41,” and imposed a fine of 4 million rubles, which is roughly equivalent to $54,000 U.S. dollars, for not deleting materials on Instagram promoting “non-traditional sexual values to minors”

Since the start of the war with Ukraine, the Russian government’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media, abbreviated as Roskomnadzor has blocked Facebook, Instagram, and Tik-Tok from operating in the Russian Federation.



By John Bellamy

I have lived an OUT GAY LIFTSTYLE since 1970 when I ' came out' at the age of 15 - which was hard in those days - and have had lovers and gay business and been OUT AND PROUD and NEVER had any problems with homophobia that I couldn't handle verbally and have actually never had any problems from the straight world - just from fellow gay men - which absolutely says a lot about some gay men huh ! ?

About 25 years ago I started hearing about the GAY AGENDA and had to ask 'WTF IS THAT ???

It seems that scared straight men assume we gay men have some kind of agenda to ' take over the world and make all men gay cock sucking faggots' - and many assume we are all after the boy child and want to rampantly have sex with either every man we see, or to molest young boys and ' MAKE THEM GAY.'

If a women had molested me when I was 15 - and believe me MORE THAN A FEW THREW THEMSELVES AT ME - IT WOULD NOT HAVE MADE ME STRAIGHT... It might have made me feel extremely uncomfortable and embarrassed and it may have revolted me, but it would NOT have made me hetero.

OVER 90% of people who molest children for sex ARE STRAIGHT AND NOT GAY. It is the family member, - close family friend - and is almost always STRAIGHT... and do not for one moment assume all kiddie sex is by evil baddy men when there are just as many women molesting and abusing .

As for the Gay Agenda - what a load of bollocks - as a gay business owner and someone who has worked on the gay scene for over 50 years - and as a goby unafraid to speak his mind and ask a million questions - full of opinions kind of man that I am, I would know - I would hear - I would see and I - most certainly - have ALWAYS received the same answer any time I ask people about the GAY AGENDA - most laugh and say much as I say - ' WTF IS THAT WHEN IT'S AT HOME... ?'

There is no such thing as the Gay Agenda except what there IS - is SCARED STRAIGHT MEN who are afraid of their own sexuality and hide behind religious clap trap THAT DOES NOT DAMN GAYS AT ALL and they twist Biblical wording to say what they want it to say and mean and use it to damn and destroy which is hardly very Christian and a complete betrayal of the words of God.