"Show me your face, and I'll tell you who you are."

"Show me your face, and I'll tell you who you are."
This could be the slogan in an ad for artificial intelligence (AI) software used to identify citizens and consumers at public spaces like airports, event venues, and shops.

But there's a problem: Many of these AI systems work by sorting people into two groups – male or female.

The consequences for people whose gender does not match the sex they were assigned at birth can be severe.

The algorithms are also programmed to reinforce outdated stereotypes about race and gender that are harmful to everyone.


Imagine the humiliation of trying to catch your flight, and being stopped by a computer that determines you don't match the gender marker in your passport. Or imagine not being able to access a public toilet just because an algorithm thinks your face doesn't look male or female enough.

Unless we do something to stop it, this could soon be a reality for many people all over the world. And in malicious hands, such as law enforcement in countries with anti-LGBT+ laws, these tools could lead to serious harm for LGBT+ people.

Here's what you can do: This month (April 2021), the European Commission, the executive branch of the EU, plans to propose a legal framework – that is, a set of rules and guidelines – to regulate artificial intelligence systems. This is a unique opportunity to ban automated recognition of gender and sexual orientation in the EU and prevent such tools from being exported around the world.

Sign this petition and urge the European Union to ban automated recognition of gender and sexual orientation.

This is not a problem of the future – it's already happening.

As a researcher on human-computer interactions and artificial intelligence, I have found many examples of what I call "Misgendering Machines."

Machines aren't value-neutral – they act as they're programmed. And unfortunately, many of these computers are programmed with the idea that we can all be classified neatly into groups of male and female, based just on what we look like. All this serves only to worsen the discrimination faced by people who don't fit into these neat binary categories.

john, help us get the European Union to ban this technology that harms queer people around the world.

Thanks for going All Out.

Os Keyes,


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