When someone e mailed me a while ago - during lockdown, asking about inviting people to a bare back sex party at Hamilton Hall, and where he wanted to get fucked by as many men as possible and he wanted us to offer an ' open door policy' so anyone could just turn up at Hamilton Hall and go fuck him and leave - and I was astounded.

I have absolutely no problem with any form of consensual sexuality, and you will not meet anyone with as much sexual experience as I have had and am not narrow minded by a long way - but there are some things that annoy.

1) It was right in the middle of lockdown.

2) He assumes it okay for anyone to just ' turn up' and go fuck him and with absolutely no idea who they are or where they have come from or anything. In and out of my home / hotel with no respect offered, nothing worthy.

I said no and read the riot act at him - as he assumed it okay to break quarantine and allow anyone into my venue with absolutely no security or anything and not only did I refuse his request, I barked at his irresponsible attiutude DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC - and where his anticts would not only put all the fuckers at risk but us at Hamilton Hall as well, and I was genuinely shocked someone could be that fucking stupid, that fucking selfish and that fucking arrogant to assume anyone would allow such a thing.

Clearly this man only thinks with his cock and his asshole which says a great deal about him as a person.

It never fails to amaze me how many assholes there are on the LGBTQ scene and how many assume it okay to be an asshole and then when someone speaks up, they turn into cunts in return. They are the victim. They are the innocent one being attacked. Yet it's bullshit.

This moron left a very nasty review on Trip Advisor and all because I told him off for risking my health and that of my staff and anyone else, and all because this desperate asshole wanted to get fucked.

No thought for anyone or anything other than himself.

I complained to Trip Advisor and they took it down as it was totally against their Terms & Conditions and should never have been allowed onto the site in the first place - and it was quickly deleted after I complained.

What astounds me, when people act in a desperately selfish self centred manner, and when picked up on it by others, they attack and try and make themselves the victim when the truth is, there are some vile people on the LGBTQ scene and some you would never want to meet, talk to or anything as they are not your trype of person, and just because someone is gay does not give them permission to be an asshole - and I will not sit back and be all silly - I WILL SPEAK UP AND SAY WHAT NEEDS TO BE SAID - and you should all know that about me by now, and this asshole didn't get what he wanted and even his snitty review was deleted - so he got nothing.

If you wrote to a straight venue asking to offer sex parties, the owners would be absolutely horrified UNLESS it specialised in sex parties. Hamilton Hall may offer specific weekends that include sexuality but ALL are facilitated in a correct and safe manner and not where ' just about anyone ' can turn up and ' fuck and go' - which while is a horny thing, and I have done it tons of times in the past as I LOVED the fuck bars in London - BUT NOT IN A HOTEL FOR GOD'S SAKE. If that's what you want, go stay in the Premier Inn and see if they would allow tons of strangers in and out with no idea as to who they are and all during a global pandemic.

So many seem unable to control themselves during this time and while most of us have not been able to have sex for at least a year - we can muster on and be mature enough to behave and it is those irresponsible immature pricks who rent boats in Mexico for a sex party ( which sank and they all had to be rescued ) and I have ABSOLUTELY NO SYMPATHY AT ALL - ZERO - ZILCH - NADA - with fucked up queens who make demands and then turn in to bitchy pussies when you say NO.

And let's face it guys, we all know, and you cannot deny, there is a section of the LGBTQ scene that are first class assholes of the biggest degree and who absolutely do not consider anyone but themselves and then scream when someone like me speaks up and tells them off.

No wonder so many peole working in the gay scene get sick of it after a while if this is the kind of person we have to deal with. Me - while it annoys - I see this man as a desperate man out of control and likely to be dead before he even gets to half of my age as like those in the 80's who couldn't behave and practice safe sex - and who just kept fucking their brains out - died decades ago because they simply would not do as they were told and fucked bare back and paid the price.

Hamilton Hall offers a selection oif sexual based weekends for your enjoyment but all are facilitated with style and class and not some low life sleazy venue with no locks on the bedroom doors, sticky carpets, people annoying you all night and a sleazy aura to the venue. Anything and everything can be tacky and sleazy and anything and everything can have great style and sophistication as well, so you take your pick.

Which do you think Hamilton Hall is ?







John: I stayed at several sex hotels in the north a couple of years ago and stuck to the carpet, the bedroom door wouldn't close, people kept trying to get into my room all night, the custom was somewhat lowlife and the whole thing was awful truly tacky and sleazy. I fely unclean when I left. Have to say I never feel that way after a weekend at Hamilton Hall and it never fails to amaze how something of beauty can be made so sleazy and here you are offering great style and personality. Well done John. I hate down market venues and you shine head and shoulders above all the others. Tim.

I remember the Parliament House Motel in Florida years ago. 125 rooms, Bar, Restaurant and so forth and it was just sex sex sex and being as this was America, the place was immaculate - and such fun. All the sex venues in the UK - which tend to be in Blockpool are rather tacky dirty places and no re investment put in for the customers enjoyment and I hated it. Found your place and what a difference. Like a different planet. Well done you. Simon.

For some reason John there are those who assume sex has to be down market. Sex has to be dirty. X rated. And sex can be down market and tacky if the person giving it is down market and tacky, but it can also be a thing of beauty and while between strangers, can still offer some kind of style and taste. Hate those sleazeballs who think they are it. Matt.

Well done John., Sick of these mask deniers and those putting others at risk. They must have a death wish. Jacob.


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