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Slow Slow, Dither Dither Slow.

It seems that science and global pharmaceutical giants worth billions do like to drag their feet when it comes to alternative treatments for various ailments and here is a typical example.
For decades we have known about the benefits of LSD - or Acid as it is known, to help ease depression and especially for those who suffer from Bipolar depression that comes and goes and many say the UP's are amazing while the DOWN's are deadly.

Now - the book listed above from 1994 in which Spike Milligan talks about the benefits of taking LSD and how it helps enormously with coping with 'the down's - is almost 30 years old and this new piece below just staggers that they have STILL not looked into this properly and done something about it, and we all know why ...

Drug companies want you to be ill

Drug companies want you to take their meds,

They want you to take their meds for as long as possible as if they found a cure, or some natural cheap alternative -

you would not need any more chemical meds and they would be out of business.

It is NOT what is best for the patient - but WHAT IS BEST FOR THEIR PROFIT MARGINS.


Psilocybin, the active compound in magic mushrooms, looks increasingly promising as a treatment for depression. And it was recently announced that the first commercial centre for psychedelic drug trials in Europe will soon open in London – initially concentrating on helping people with terminal illness overcome anxiety and depression.

It has long been unclear exactly why psilocybin relieves depression – and how it is different from traditional antidepressants. But recent research has compared the different compounds’ impact on the brain, showing that psilocybin boosts connections between various brain areas in a way that antidepressants don’t.

Another condition that is difficult to treat is tinnitus, which affects roughly 15% of the population. But although there’s currently no cure, some researchers believe it is somehow linked to sleep.

This book is a MUST READ if you have depression.


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